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Starry starry night and the moon is sooooo bright!

It is now 3am you got it sleep evades me and having sat for about two hours tying to sort out in my silly mind who or what and when people are arriving for Christmas I had to come down for a cup of tea. And of course the obligatory pills it is tedious but at least I can watch the stars! Tea to drink and then this night hawk will hobble back to bed (even the dog cannot be bothered with me) Sleep perchance to dream ~~~~~~~~~~~~ xxgins May you all be refreshed in the morning mind the frost!!

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Oh poor you. I really don't like the not being able to sleep thing but whay hay, I did sleep better last night so missed the stars! Still .... no lovely refreshed slept well feeling tho. :) Hope you did manage to get some sleep eventually Gins.


Oh dear gins,I do hope you got some shut eye in the end.I woke up at about 4.50am and couldn't get back to sleep after that.How are you this morning?xx


Mornin to yuou I am surprised to report I am as barmy as ever how are you today?


Just going to get up xxx be back soon


Sorry gins,have only just read your reply! Iam not good,very weak today and not managing well.My fibro is getting worse by the day and it's making me depressed :(


Same here except I'm mad that I woke up. 3am is for the birds..

I have dinner in the crockpot, did all the washing up of the dishes,

folded laundry and soon my daughter will be up getting ready for

school. The hubby went to work at 5am...It's just morning over's a cold day outside right now..


oh bless you all I am so sorry so many are having such a really tough time I think it is the change in the weather :) Does that help - not at all so gentle hugs to you all



Does the Change in weather affect you gins?xx


Hi Gins,

I too saw the stars last night... "star bright, star light..." during one of the many occasions I took my newly diagnosed diabetic dog out, poor boy. Beautiful! I'd love to have a decent telescope and also do astro photography - how amazing would that be :) I must post one of my photos of the moon sometime :)

Pip xx


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