Felting friends

Felting friends

Hi foggy ace felter and others, here`s my first attempt, it has taken me a considerable length of time to get this picture up, doh! This is my first attempt, using wet felting. I`m going to add a few more metallic threads ans leave it at that. It`s on an iron-on backing so i can put it through the sewing machine. My main work is highly detailed graphite work, but i`ve had a year off that since i`ve had fibro, and thought i`d try something different.xxxx

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  • Golly wow, wildwoman, that is wonderful, could I ask whether you used bubble wrap or something else to agitate the fibres and how long did you have to work it for, I am having another go tomorrow and using the bubble wrap as I found the bamboo mats too difficult to manage......woweee , a virtual felting party can take place. :-) :-)

    Well done you, it really is utterly delightful :-) :-) , keep on going, I can't wait to see your next project, :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • Morning - I've not been too good recently so I've missed seeing your felting pics - I'm sure they were lovely - I will keep a lookout for your next photos of your next ones :-)

    I'm hoping to try my hand at felting when I get the necessary requisites from Santa Claus ;-)

    Take care :-)

  • Morning to you! Thank you for your kind words, i feel a bit of a big head putting stuff up, but its done now! Yes, i used bubble wrap, and i thought the rolling was going to be too hard for me, but it felted up really quickly. I just used a towel underneath, and to wet it i used a diluted wool washing concentrate from the supermarket. I used a bamboo cane, hence the vertical lines, but now i`ve got a piece of dowelling. My book says roll it 100 times one way and then turn it etc., but i think my mistake was putting too much pressure on, i don`t think you have to lean on it too hard - which is good for fibros - i should think you could take a break from the rolling if you`re painful. I`m just ordering some curly wensleydale wool, its so pretty! Good luck today, let me know how you get on! with wet felty love. xxx

  • It's lovely and colourful,well done.Now foggy has a felting friend :D

  • You should join us haribo and have a go (hehehehe. Do you like that ? the rhyming haribo and have a go hehehehe ;-) ) it's very satisfying :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • Well rhymed. have you made any other things yet foggy?

  • Well done - that's very good - I admire your skill :-)

  • Well done wet felting is very difficult to master and you are doing well! I will put some pictures up later xxgins

  • thank you for your reply, you sound experienced, i`d love to see your work xxx

  • That is so lovely, keep it up any form of craft takes your mind of things, make sure you post more when finished, love to see.

  • You're so right chairme, that's why I started doing it because I need something to focus on to get me through the dire days of winter. Do you do anything in the crafts at all ?

    Foggy x

  • yes love sewing try to make dresses for grand children ,patchwork,,embroidery,when i feel ok,also do some painting once a week with a friend,end up chatting for the 2 hours usually.I used to teach evening classes for soft furnishings, but the chemicals on the fabric did not agree with me and the weight of the fabric on curtains ect so very heavy, now enjoy things that I want to do.

  • Hi Chaimee, yes i love drawing and painting too, and i`ve given up painting with others, just because i cant work and chat!

  • wow its lovely . I have tried needle felting, my avatar shows the first teddies I tried but I am not brave or clever enough to try the wet style . yours is so lovely. I think foggy suggested a felting session one time and I would love to join u all.

  • Hi Trish :-) thank you so much for your kind words, I actually think it is you who are the clever one along with gins, :-). I have made several little rabbits who friends have snapped up. earlier today I had a really good idea about something to make, can I remember what it was, nope........... I am the biggest numpty in numptysville !!! ;-) ;-)

    We will have to try and get a felting day sorted. :-)

    Foggy x

  • Oooh lets do it!xxx

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