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Wheelchair Use

Hi all,

I have a working diagnosis of M.E/Fibro and am waiting on referrals to both Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy.

I currently use a walking stick to help me get around outdoors and I do not find this as helpful as I used to.

I was also given a walking frame for indoor use and I find this a lot more supportive.

I can get around my local area using my stick (albeit slowly) and I find longer journeys difficult due to pain and fatigue.

My Husband and I will be travelling to Birmingham (we live in Manchester) at the end of November to visit an exhibition at the NEC.

I am reluctant to go because it is impossible to predict how I will be feeling that day and I realise that there will be a lot of standing and walking involved.

My Husband suggested that I could use a wheelchair to get around so that I can conserve my energy.

He also pointed out that my pain levels are likely to be lower because the wheelchair will eliminate the need to stand and walk.

I realise that these are valid points and I wondered whether those of you who already use wheelchairs would be willing to share your experience :)

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Just a thought why don't you temporarily hire a wheelchair from the British Red Cross to see how you feel using it and how much it helps you?

I am fortunately not a wheelchair user but many on the forum are and many seem to have tested great benefits. Quite a few ightjust use it for they are going somewhere like you are when you know there would be a tremendous amount of walking and you know it will be difficult for you to manage otherwise install the time. I am sure they will come on and share there experiences.x


ButterflyPrincess1 , I don't use a wheelchair but I hope you can get this sorted so you can go away with your husband.Good luck.Peck.🐤


I use crutches to mobilise, I think It would be beneficial to use a wheelchair for your day out, at least you can enjoy the day, definitely go for it xxx


I would get in touch with the NEC. They often have wheelchair or mobility vehicles for hire at big exhibitions which can be pre booked. I used one last time I was there.

I nearly flattened someone with mine because in a panic I mistook the accelerator for the brake😳


Hi my friend

I use a tri-walker when I am out as I have had a few falls. I would not hesitate to use a wheelchair if I was going on a day trip or would be out for the day if I had to stay on my feet as I simply could not manage.

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and I genuinely hope that you have a wonderful time.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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I am unable to use a wheelchair as I have severe pain in my arms and there isn't always someone available to push me, instead I purchased a small mobility scooter which folds to fit into the car boot. It is so beneficial when out and about, I don't have to rely on others to help and it does greatly reduce pain and fatigue from standing / walking. Good luck to you and enjoy your exhibition xx


I hired one from British Red Cross about 5 weeks ago. It was a great help when we went on holiday 3 weeks ago as it meant I could actually get out of the hotel in evening. It does require my husband or son to push me. I was a bit embarrassed at first but just have to get over that. It was great help getting through airport too. Give it a go. I have been on a stick for 2 years but hopeless when my legs are like jelly and I am so fatigued.

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I have a mobilaty scooter and its great for things like going out for the day.


Thanks all for your kind replies.

I considered a mobility scooter and concluded that I would find it difficult to use one owing to problems with co-ordination, stamina and brain fog.

I am debating swapping my walking stick for a pair of crutches or possibly a four-wheeled walker to give me extra stability on shorter journeys.

I am still undecided on the use of a wheelchair, though I am slowly coming round to the idea.


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