Calling all sailors for the virtual Cruise around the world in 48 hours leaving the dock at 11.00am please ensure your baggage is

Calling all sailors for the virtual Cruise around the world in 48 hours leaving the dock at 11.00am please ensure your baggage is

on before 10.00am Cabin allocation is balcony's unless other wise requested. The purser will meet you on arrival his desk can be found on floor 3 where you can make any alterations.

We advise you to buy inclusive wines and spirits this £10 a day.

Thank you for travellin with the Virtual Cruise line. Have a happy Cruise"

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  • hey! thanks you saved me a job gins xxxx

    that was my next morning mission but you beat me to it :D

    However, may I point out to everyone that's it's (not real) fibro currency so don't worry :o

    enjoy! I shall see you all later on when I join you with some of the others

    Happy sailing!

  • what is it ???

  • It's a virtual cruise we are going on Morwenna, join us, you may just find someone able to help with your form filling.... pursers are usually quite good at that....... they have to do a lot of it ! :-)

    Foggy x

  • Oh dear I'm late, I don't suppose there are any cabins left now, so I will just go and lurk undercover in one of the lifeboats. Where is our first port of call, was it north to see the Aurora Borealis and then quickly on down to warmer climes so I can snorkel in my ball gown..... Hhmmmm not much space to hang the ball gown in this here lifeboat.....looks around.....hmmmm

  • I ve found you a cabin you will be in the owners suite we dont want any shifty lurkers . Let James relieve you of your gown - just the gown he will press (the gown)

  • awwwwwwwwwwww sounds great love make believe games :)))))

    off to do forms see you soon :D

  • Boo! How the devil are you :D


  • Get your bll gowns and and that polka dot bikini we set off at 11.00 xgins

  • This is the warning call we embark at 11,00 please get aboard you land lubers

  • Oops iam late,are there any cabins left??or will I have to join foggy in one of the lifeboats?Ive brought quite a lot of baggage so not sure if there is enough room?Where are we off to?this is so exciting :),never been on a cruise before!Does anyone know whether there is a shop on board as I need to stock up on curly wurlys for the trip hehe :D

  • I haven't brought my ball gown,has anyone got one I can borrow?is there any room on board for me gins?:D

  • No panic Haribo a balcony room is available withwaiter service so hurry along 345 that is level three no 45 :)

    See every one on deck for a party to say good bye to Blighty I recommend Manuels cocktails brilliant dont know what is in them but who cares!

  • Aww gins iam se excited,a balcony room with a waiter!hope he's a dishy one too :P.Cocktails!i can't wait.....hurrys along to rook.Where's my party dress?here it is :D

  • Oops meant to say hurrys along to room :D

  • hAHAHA made it :D



    some fast boinging I had to do there to get back on time!

  • thats brilliant welcome Zeb at least you did not get your boinger too wet

  • Where is everyone?


  • Probably getting their party gear on zeb,do you think I look o.k in this dress?:)

  • Don't know why my smileys are not working?:(

  • spaces Haribo after the question marks

    And Oooh! I say you scrub up rather nicely :)


  • We are meeting poolside for the lauch party dec 5 . I say cab I have another of those waiter it was delicious certainly hit the spot.

    Runs to side pear over nearly time to cast off

  • Can I join you from the helicopter later? Have to pop out for a little while. Can we stop in Iceland to see the geysers?


  • Well let's get this party started,hiccups...think I've drank too much cocktails :D

  • already is that why you are swaying :D

  • Hang on....your post op and on the cocktails already.............go girlie :D

  • Yay! Why not eh? Can't remember the last time I had a drink! At least it won't interfere with my meds! :)

  • Thats the hooter gang plank in were...........................................OFF

  • Poolside you say? Sways over,must be careful that I don't fall in the pool :D

  • Pops head out of lifeboat..... Uh hoh I see trouble has arrived...... ;-)

  • talking about yourself again Foggy? LOL

  • Nah...'twas not....I don't do that ;-)

  • Trouble?me?not me,blames the swaying on my fibro hehe :D

  • Steady have anbother drink oh look they are putting a band on for dancing wow that is fantastic look at that drummers Pecks ------!

  • Drools over the drummer...shall we dance then gins? :D

  • you ok Gins? I've managed to get here earlier.

    don't worry shall still copter everyone else in later ;)


  • No referring to herself :D ...........................boings off chuckling!................ Haribo watch Foggy at all times as she's trying to pin naughty evil cats on me again :o

    My magical moustache may end up stopping evil fluffy nonsense again!

    I never get a break...................... why can't this holiday cruise not involve naughtiness heheheh!


  • Thanks for the advice zeb! Did you remember to bring the fluffies for the cruise? Iam sure they would love the dancing! Any one for a dance?...hiccups again? Sways over to the drummer....lovely pecks! Would you dance we me? :D

  • Oh yes! can't go anywhere without the fluffies :)

  • Haribo, you should be sway safe now I've cast a zebedee magical moustache spell to prevent you from swaying and falling over board :) if you fall over board I'll know for sure that Foggy is up to mischief again!!!!

    :) ;) :)

  • I'll have you know I'm a properly trained lifeguard I am, actually...humph it will be me to the rescue.......diving off wherever into cold waters to do the rescuing !! :D

  • Come on girlies,let your hair down and let's enjoy the party! Whose for more cocktails?Thanks for the spell zeb,iam sure that it will help me very much.Do you really think that foggy is up to mischief? :O

  • Its not even lunchtime yet!

    Yes! I do think so............. though many apologies to Foggy if she's not :)

  • strawberry daiquiri for me I think............ mmmmmmm lovely ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • Sex on the beach for me,I mean the cocktail! Oops,blushes :O

  • chuckle chuckle LOL :D

  • Where is everyone?? :(

  • Just got my cabin. They escorted me the wrong way and I have ended up going all over the ship. Finally found mine, I have a round window in it....looks a bit like a washing machine as I am on the lower deck. Wish I had brought my laundry now lol. Ready for cocktails and lunch. See you all in a mo xx

  • Hi tannels :) what is your choice of cocktail? You must check out the dishy drummer on your way up..chuckles and hiccups again :D

  • Mine is a Harvey Wallbanger.....match the walls in my cabin. lol.

  • heheheheh! :) Hi Tannels :)

  • hi Zeb, meet you in the bar for a drink. Hope your bikini fits you better than Lot to be desired lol. x

  • It's been so long since I've danced! Anyone for the conga? :D

  • wow! it'll be agadoo next haribo there's no stopping you eheheheh! LOL

    :D ;) :D

  • I've seen a conga cuddled by the lifeboat men down in Lyme Regis........ Seemed a tad large to dance with for my liking.... :D

  • oh no, an ugly looking fish has just past by my washing an empty can of coke.....I don't want that staring at me while I am changing into my bikini.....then again it might frighten him off lol.

  • Are you getting into your bikini already? Staggers off to get a Harvey wall banger...and then off to cabin to get into bikini :D

  • Yes, but I just put my bikini bottoms on the wrong way.....must have another Oh dear what a state to get into at this time of the day. x

  • Yes indeed tannels,so naughty but nice :D

  • Do you think the Drummer would open this bottle of champagne for me - my mum always said it was a tonic and I tihnk she was right :

    Anyone fancy some lunch?

  • Yes please,what's on the menu apart from the drummer?hehe :D

  • starrrrrrrrrrrrrvvvvvvvvvving? yes that's a good idea :D

  • Possibly the Captain I asked that gorgeous guy with the hat on where I could find the itinerrrry of where were going he said he would brief us later (hehehe giggle) as long as he doesnt de brief us..........(hehe) What are ayou doing Foggy did you know you had a sign on your back?

  • Does it say cast boingy spell here?

    If it does its got nothing to do with me.................staggers off chuckling to self.........heheheh!

  • Cuba Libre please waiter................ hmnnnnnnn................... go easy on the ice please :)


  • What's a Cuba libre? Hiccups and sways over to the poolside,think iam going to need some calming fluffies zeb :O

  • foggggggggggggggggggy! she broke my spell

    Hang on Haribo................pthzzz....whooooopppppppppppppsyyyyy.......daiisyyyy zap!

    there you go have a seat hunny :) soothing healing fluffies :o

  • SoNaught naughty \Zeb you put the sign on Foggy and told the police I fink we should throw you in the pool what does everyone think.

    Grab her Tannels you take an arm Haribo Ive got her legs

    One Two .................

  • I did not. I wasn't here because I was bailing out my furry cousin from the evil cat police or mafia as Tannels suggested earlier :D

    Anyway! tweek twitch tweek and double twitch..............'POOF'

    Love that moustache :D

    I'm monitoring the karaoke competition in the bar downstairs now ;)

  • I've secreted oh on board in my wheelchair bag ..(it's our anniversary today and it didn't seem right to desert him for a world cruise)

    So if you see me pouring bitter into my wheelchair, or the odd'll know why!

  • excellent jimjams

    happy anniversary.............bottle of champers and a keg of beer?


  • I say Happy Anniversary you are a dark horse :)

  • You know we dont usually bring our wheel chairs dont seem to need them on a fantasy trip. :) :)

  • Happy anniversary and if you have any spare lobster, I'll help you out, no problems :-)

  • Yay says Foggy who has been swimming like a mermaid and comes up and dunks zeb, just for fun........hehehehe :D now what's all this about a sign on my back, I'm not liking the way this is looking ......tries to look round to see sign on back and promptly falls backwards into the water where zeb seems to be circling looking somewhat shark like :o

  • Don't worry zeb,I will take no part in throwing you overboard! :O :)

  • fanks :D that's so kind of you, wouldn't surprise me if Gins put that sign on foggy's back as she cast a spell on me the day at the zoo ;)

  • Oh dear! I see you are already in the water! How is it? :D

  • wet but I love water because when Zebedee boings outta the pool everyone will get soaked

    hahahaha! Karma gotta love it :D

  • Splash......oh er,it's so cold in here! :O

  • Pulls herself out of the pool before zeb can get her, lies back on a sun lounger, ........that will be a magnum of champagne please waiter, with lobster on the side...... (Saw a weird programme about a lady who hypnotises lobsters before she cooks them, apparently makes them more tender cos they're relaxed.....odd) :D

  • Yeseeeee........champers! Never tried lobster! :D




  • Time to move the cruise onto another page me thinks

  • THE BEACH :) for Cookie (Dee) who can't do boats :)

  • Does anyone know where we are stopping off first? :)

  • Frahair did boozy have ou s the Dwummmmer he is free apparently at 1.00 so as loooooooooong as foggy does not find me I sm going for a seesta I feel wather twispy hic hic gins

  • re we moving ok! Im ready..

  • Yep to the champers...but I'm reckoning it'll go straight to my head what with the morphine..I think I'll be floating around the ship ..oh says he only walks straight when he's had a couple o beers (he on crutches..we a right pair!)

    He wants to come out the bag later to sing some sea shanties...

  • There's karaoke on downstairs :D in the main bar

  • Karaoke!come on girlies,let's have a sing song.Are you up for it gins before your snooze? :)

  • The more the merrier! If you don't hear anything from me after 1pm then you know that I have successfully pulled the drummer :D

  • That will be lovely jimjams, come and join us on the new page....The doubt oh will be happy as ten with all the eye candy on show ;-)

  • Are we moving to a new page? The beach would be good,love making sand castles,iam like a big kid hehe :D

  • Ok, had lunch, been sunbathing , had some more drinks. Now I am talking nonsence to the captain and is crew. They are all looking at me as if I dropped in from another ship. I keep smiling in the hope that someone will take pity on me. But I don't think this blinking bikini helps. Okay.....what we doing now.....karoke.......I will survive.....hope so!!! lol x

  • we have been to the beach suspect we will need an evening page certainly if we are all going to the theatre after dinner before the casino !

  • Back in my cabin now totally all in. Hey wait....that fish is back with his coke can, he is having a good look inside.....oooh it gives me the creeps. Time to shut the curtains and have a nap......hope the rest of you are ok.....let me know about dinner.....what a great day xx

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