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Why do i do it?

I have done too much today, up on my feet most of the day.

Now every single muscle in my legs feels like it has been over worked, its the weirdest feeling i am not sure if its restless legs but its definatly restless muscles lol.

Its horrible and my tingling is at its max.

So away to go to bed i go just to try and rest them for the long walk up to school tomorrow.

NIght everyone, hope you all sleep well.

hugs, kel xxx

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Oh no Kel, I hope you feel better in the morning and get some sleep tonight.

Night Night,

Love Sue xxx


i hope you have a really good sleep kel, god bless, hugs x


Aw Kel what are we like, we know the effects of doing too much but we all do it!.

Hope you have a good night and are feeling better in the morning. Love Angela xx


oh dear it is because we want to feel normal as we look normal we try to do things that e should not think twice about go have nice soothin bath love to you diddle x


Thankyou everyone, legs still sore, so with the kids back at school i will be sitting doing nothing enjoying the peace lol. xxxxxx


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