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I am pretty sure I had a sleep seizure the night before last. I have had two seizures before, one when I was 12 and another at 21 both due to severe stress on my body. the first was due to an allergic reaction to a local anaesthetic and the second when I was giving blood 7 years ago. after both I felt awful but in a really distinctive way. I woke at 5am feeling exactly the way I did after the other two seizures after dreaming about having one. it might be in my head but the physical reaction was so strong. I was retching, shaking, dizzy and felt like I had been hit by a train. has anyone else suffered something like this? I am worried about talking to my doc as he will probably laugh at me and say it was just a dream. if it was real I cant fathom what caused it.

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  • Hi I think you are right do go and talk to your Doctor it will put your mind at rest that is not just a dream.


  • Hi stimpy, I don't think your doctor wil think you silly at all, I think he will think it a good idea to check that you are ok, even if you didn't have a seizure it is much better to find out rather than being in the uncomfortable position of not knowing. I really think you should see your doctor, do let us know how it goes.

    Foggy x

  • I used to get something called sleep paraylisis, I wonder if that's what you have experienced. People with fibromyalgia get it and if you take medication that affects your sleep you are more prone to it. It basically happened to me if I wasn't in a deep sleep. Apparently part of your brain wakes up (the conscious part) but the part that controls your movements is lagging behind. It was really scary!!! I felt trapped in my sleep knowing I was awake but couldn't get out of my sleep or move my limbs. I would try to scream or shout but couldn't move a muscle - awful feeling! It felt like it lasted ages but was probably a few minutes at most. I often had it if I fell asleep on the couch mid afternoon. Hope that helps, google sleep paryalisis

  • Gosh, newaysgirl, you have just explained exactly a thing I have experienced several times, thinking I'm awake, but unable to move anything, like you it felt like it lasted ages, and I couldn't scream to get help........ooooww I'm so pleased I'm not going mad, (though many would think I am already ;-) ) and I will google and find a bit more about it, thank you so much :-)

    Foggy x

  • so glad I've been able to help. I can't remember how I eventually found out about it (probably something online) Interestingly enough since I came off amitriptyline It hasn't happened again not that it happened every day or even every week. Its very scary so now if it happens just try to remain calm and wait for your brain to wake up your limbs. It helps lessen the panic when you can reason with yourself. I remember thinking I must have been dying or having an out of body experience which was very alarming. Come to think of it the first time it happened was in bed during the night and I really did feel I was dying. I tingled all over , my head felt like a lead weight being pressed into my pillow and I remember telling myself I wasn't ready to go yet and feeling this fight welling up in me. I also remember feeling that I'd actually stopped breathing and didn't need to try to -awful! Nwg x

  • Hi Newaysgirl, we seem to have had exactly the same experience, except for the feeling of stopping breathing. I've felt heavy and sinking into the bed and thinking clearly that this wasn't right, but couldn't do anything at all about it. I'm still on Amitriptyline, which does help with my sleep but I wonder if its linked...... Food for thought ......thank you. :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi foggy glad I'm not going mad that was me also, do let us know what u find out, did you enjoy your cheese on toast lol hugs Dee xx

  • Ooooo yes Dee :-) :-) scrummy yummy in my tummy :-) :-) How you doing my lovely friend?

    Foggy x

  • Hi there foggy just back from docs, had flue jab, she has also put me on the morphine patche I have to start them on Saturday, she has put me on low dose to start with and if I tolerate them ok, as apparently I have a complicated body, if everything goes ok in a months time she will up them, how're you doing, how's those lovely doglets of yours, gentle hug to you my dear friend.....Dee xx

  • Which one did she give you Dee, if you don't mind my asking ? The doglets are fine thank you, despite a war of attrition sent by zeb (though she denies it) Mr B was a hero and disarmed all the armoured fluffies and they have been good as gold ever since.....the dogs that is....not sure what happened to the fluffies .......I know nothing ;-) ;-)

    I would never want to be reported to the RSPCF....oh no ;-)

    They are wanting me to send you lots of doglet hugs and snuggles. (((( Dee))))

    and hugs from me too :-)

    Foggy x

  • Of course I don't mind you asking, they are called "BuTrans 5" Transdermal Patch, Buprenorphine....low dose for first for weeks the up to 10 ect ect ect until I am having some relief but not a zombie lol, I will have to change them once a week, you never know They might work, if not we try something different, he says till she can find something that will give me a better quality of life, have you heard of these before

    Hugs to you :) ..Dee x

  • I started the same patches in August. I've written you a post on the question you asked about them. Did you see it?

    Coz xx

  • Hi coz I have seen your post and answered you, gent hus ...Dee xx

  • ha! I knew it! I didn't send an army of anything they just turned up............ honestly!!!!! :-o LOLOL and I rewarded the doglets for their bravery ;)

    really :-p

    stomping off to consider revenge :D


  • Hi Foggy

    My Rheumatologist explained something similar to me when I saw him. He said it takes about 2 hours to fall in to "proper" restorative sleep. Apparently when you are in this type of sleep your whole body is virtually completely paralysed.

    Perhaps it would be an idea to google "restorative sleep" and "non restorative sleep". The latter is the one most Fibro sufferers have. That's why we are all knackered when we wake up in the mornings.

    I could explain more, but I have the tail end of a migraine and can't think properly right now.

    Sending gentle hugs to all.

    Coz xx

  • Hi there so glad im not so alone I feel like im so crazy keep hitting the deck with my head every time I pass out some of it is just exhaustion I have just moved house, but doc is sending me for a CT scan today. Hoping nothing shows up and maybe just fibro exhaustion. well hope you all get through your day as best as poss.

  • im just really confused how do you know you have had a seizure if you have been asleep?

    I'm not doubting you, don't get me wrong, I'm just trying to understand xxx

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