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Do I have Lymphoedema ?


I wondered if anyone has this from an injury. I injured my lower left legs a few weeks ago big lump and cut I got cellulitis in it as normal for me when I I have had this sort of problem before. Thing is now over last week the leg and foot have swelled twice the size of other one it it hard sore and heavy the pain goes up as far as hip now.

I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday I'm worried it is serious.


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Morning I wrote long reply computer just wiped it clean dont you just hate it. I think you must hang on for your appointment and the doctors verfdict. best thing to do.

I do have lymphedema so im do let me know how it went and if you want to chat we can



Okay thsnk you Gins x


Again, I agree with gins, get off to the GP pretty quickly cowsrock, it could be that the cellulitis has returned, I had it a while back and I think the doctor caught it very quickly (mine was from a bees sting would you believe it) but I know it can be very tricky to cure, it may be that you need IV antibiotics ..... I certainly wouldn't wait around, please get an appointment asap , Please dont wait until Wednesday, if you cant get an appointment with your doctor TODAY please get to A&E ..... this is a serious problem and im worried by the symptoms you tell us.

Very best wishes and please let us know how you get on.

Foggy x


Thank you foggy

I can't get an appt till Wednesday thst is not long as appts go. I don't think it is Cellulitis now I have had 1 and half lot of antibiotics the half was because I got a bsd reaction to Iodene when I had a CT scan.



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