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More injections!!!

Well after going to the drs I now have to have more injections in my back this time both sides and also have to go for an mri scan of my head!

There's not much in there to find (hehe) i am so tired all the time but when i go to bed have problems sleeping n this dizziness is sending me nuttier than i am already, anyway i hope everyone is ok n want to send you all lots of best wishes n soft fluffy hugs xxxx love mystique xxxx

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Hi there,I love the name mystique!Do you have fm alone or other condition(s)?What are the injections you have?Do they help in any way?Have you tried different meds to see if there is one that can help you sleep?Sounds like you are not looking forward to the injections.Iam also sending you lots and lots of fluffy hugs as it sounds like you need them xx


I have back injections not directly FMS but clearly any pain relief is good.


Thankyou to both sending hugs to you i dont get on here much, but love catching up when i can.

Haribo 36 thankyou i have a few other illnesses too, the injections are steroid based n something else, not nice to have but great if they work, they only seem to work on me for about 3 months but makes it a lot better managing my pain, i am on quite a lot of other medication also, i have buprenorphine patches methocarbamol, codydramol n amitriptiline are just a few of them.

Sending you fluffy hugs too, n hope you are well xxxx


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