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Going to get hair extensions done

Hi everyone,iam going to hopefully have a good day today as iam having my Bowen therapy done and also I decided last night that I would treat myself at a cut price it is,to have hair extensions done today as a treat to myself.Been a bit low and pigging out a bit so this is defo a nicer way of doing something good for mysel.Been going into hibernation mode since weather has changed as it has affected my fibro so sooo looking forward to my therapy and having long hair.Hope you are all not too affected by the weather change and are having some good days.Gentle hugs,haribo xxx

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Hope it helps pick you up and your day is good.

Is xx


Hi there,I had a good day thanks.The Bowen therapy was lovely and relaxing and my hair looks really nice.Just was tired when I got in though xx


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