Got a doc appointment on Monday.Am I wrong to take a list with me.I tend to get there and become tongue tied.

Thursday I had my B12 injection (which I have every 3 months).The nurse asked me how long was it before it kicked in.I said I don't really feel any change.She told me to tell my doctor I want the injection more often.I told her that I feel like a burden and it feels strange that I have to tell the doctor what I want.

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  • Hi Mub, I always take a list with me, I kinda print it then I ask her shall I read it to you or would you prefer to read it yourself, nine times out of ten she reads it herself lol, so yes I would take one if that makes life easier for you, hope this helps, sending you gentle hugs , ad that you have a better day tomorrow...Dee x

  • many thanx took a list with me.Very useful

  • Yes I always write a list ,otherwise I forget what I was going for lol xx

  • many thanx

  • No sensible doctor would mind. It shows you are willing to engage in your own treatment. that's always good. :) I like Dee's solution :)

  • many thanx my doctor seemed very happy that I took a list

  • Brilliant. Glad it worked out :)

  • many thanx

  • hi mub, no it's a good idea to do a list, ive just changed my gp surgery & when i went to see the dr she was really lovely,i said i usually forget things so i wrote down everything i wanted to ask, she said " that's no problem at all & it's probably best to write a list of things i want to ask". x

  • Hi

    Don't feel embarrassed about making a list as I am sure the doctor would rather you do this and actually remember what it was you wanted to ask than have to make another appointment to see him/her because you had forgotten to ask an important question. I actually do a typed list of the medication I need and underneath a short list of my most important concerns, I know then I will remember to ask for all the medication I need and I won't hopefully forget to ask something vita. I think it is much quicker for the doctor as if he waited for my fibro fog to clear he could have seen half a dozen patients in that time! It also shows the doctor that you mean business. Good luck with your appointment

  • My dr laughs and when I walk in always says have you brought your shopping list with you he's great

  • Hi mub40

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today?

    I have taken lists with me to see my GP also, as my memory is getting terrible. I do not know if it is 'Fibro Fog' or my 'Nortriptyline' or both?

    I genuinely hope that your appointment goes really well for you.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • i always take a list with me however sometimes the doctor will say he can only address 2 or 3 things on it due to time so if this happens I make another appointment when I am leaving or ask for a double appoiintment

  • Take the list and write the replies. My GP said she wished more people did this. They normally want to help and are busy so being organised helps both of you - win win.


  • Hi,my husband is in a battle with his g.p. trying to have his B12 injection sooner,please let me know how you get on.x

  • Hi,my doctor said I can only have the injection every 3 months!She said the nurse was wrong to say I could have it more often and was going to have a word with the nurse!

  • definitely take a list and look at it during the consultation

  • Hi Mub

    My Doctor always tells me she would rather all her patients take a list as I always do (fibro-fog), then you can"t forget anything! It is better to do that , than come out and forgotten something you wish to ask and have to go back for another appointment!

    Please don"t be afraid to ask or tell you GP how you feel. I am on B12 Injections and I can"t go any longer than one month between Injections! Maybe a good idea to check your B12 levels in your blood, perhaps you are need of Injection more frequently??

    Best wishes, & Good luck

    Take care Lynn XX

  • many thanx for your reply.My doctor will not budge from me having the injection every 3 months.She told me the nurse was wrong to say I need it more frequently!

  • Yes you need to tell the doctor the conversation you had with the nurse. In answer to your other question, I always take a list. Its no use expecting the doctor to guess what is wrong with you. He has to know what symptoms you are experiencing. As Cookie 72 does, I ask if I should read the list, but she usually takes it off me and reads it, and seems only too glad I have brought it with me. I think she finds it helpful especially as they only have about 10 minutes with each patient these days ie no time for slow drawn out conversation. I have never had problems with this. The more assertive you are, the better, and you get taken more seriously. I always encourage my two thirty year olds to do the same when they go to the doctor as they can get tongue tied or forget to tell the doctor everything they need to. Consequence for not doing any preparation beforehand is that you come away from your appointment dissatified and feeling as if it was a complete and utter waste of time for both yourself and the doctor. So take your list and let us know how you get on this time. Good Luck mub40

  • Bang on. They appreciate people who are organised and engaged with their treatment.

  • many many thanx for all your replies.

    You guys are great

  • A big thank you to all the replies.I am overwhelmed by the response.The people on this site are amazing

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