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What sort of tea do you drink? I drink three different sorts one is very calming soothing for us fibros

That is Darjeeling i drink it black with a dash of cold water from a china cup YES it makes a difference to the taste.

I also like names gone

and Yorkshire tea hot sweet with two sacherrine when I feel off, soothing like a cuddle :)

The one I missed is Assam black again with lemon.

What does everyone else like and when do you drink it?


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Morning - it had to be Earl Grey or Lady Grey for me - both black with lemon and Demerara sugar :-)

Did you know that artificial sweetener is bad for Fibro sufferers ? My g.p. warned me against using it - I'm not sure why but I think it's something to do with enzymes !!

Enjoy your cuppa :-)


I knew about the artificial sweetner so I use ones made of totally natural products :) most supermarkets now stock them.


I'm not a great tea drinker, but there are occasions on which it really is refreshing. I like de-caff builders tea, just introduced to the water and promptly taken out, in the afternoon I'm not adverse to either Earl or Lady Grey, but I am a heathen and have milk with them all. :-( I drink loads of water and a couple of coffees in the morning.

Foggy x


I also love milk in my tea, drink 2 huge mugs first thing and then a couple of coffees, water, wine, and whisky in moderation and I am feeling really good at the moment. Pacing is good, so I sip my wine slowly! Lol xxx have a good day all, xxx


I like black tea, sometimes decaf, also like green tea especially after a meal, and sometimes have a camomile and spearmint before bed, very calming....all after midday as first thing in the morning I have to have a coffee!


I hate `Earl Grey tea, it's like drinking scented water, I drink loads of chamomile tea which calms the nerves.


Hi there, I drink PG tips decaf tea, with just a dash of milk and you sugar I have about 3 cups. Day, first one is 6.30am then I have a coffee between 8am to 10am, then a cup of decaf tea with my lunch and another after my dinner, the rest of the day I'm drinking water and plenty of it, my first drink of the day is a large glass of water as it flushes the liver thru... Sorry I'm late giving my reply but I have been out today my daughter took me to see my older brother whome I haven't seen for 10yrs, it was great,....gentle hugs to all ....Dee x


Sounds like a good day :) how lovely for you xgins


I drink Earl Grey mostly, but will also drink Yorkshire Gold tea. I'm rather fond of Jasmine tea but like the loose tea version, not in bags. Don't have it very often as it's almost impossible to get.



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