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Hi everyone, does anyone also have spinal stenosis? I haven't been diagnosed with it yet but seems i have all the symptoms. Fm diagnosed2012


On checking my symptoms I noticed quite a few people with fibro have it. (On spinal stenosis search) . I haven't been diagnosed with it as yet, as doc thinks it's sciaticia. Maybe theres a link?

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Morning Dasara

I have spinal stenosis in the bottom 5 vertebrae and two herniated disks that will not return to their proper place. Very painful and debilitating. Yes it also means sciatica !


dasara in reply to Ginsing

Hi Gins, I had no idea that was sciatica lol. Can I as you how it affects u. The reason I'm asking is my back is kinda "going out" whilst I'm walking. It happened recently when I was out shopping and I had to lean over my daughter until we got to a seat. It's also awful trying to stand from bed as can't always weight bear. What did the doctor do about it? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just worried this is going to affect my mobility. It's bad enough now, but fear being completely housebound in the future. Thanks Sheena. Xxx

Hi Sheena,

I have very similar problems and my movements are very restricted. For the sciatica

hot water bottle on back or the heat pads quite useful - change your shoes no heels at ALL Swimming is good but alas I cannot go at the moment A variety of muscle relaxants and painkiller help. When you sit raise your foot the same in bed pillow under leg.

The answer to the pain that suddenly takes you when your shopping I am afraid I just wait it out.


I do hope some of this is helpful to you all the best xgins

I suffer from Sciatica, really is very painful.I get numbness down my leg and bum cheeks. So is sciatica the same as spinal stenonis?

Jan x

No Spinal stenosis is where the the vertebrae have/are wearing out and we irregular bone protrusions that catch on nerves etc .

So stenosis is the narrowing of the canal that carries the spinal cord and nerves and as the canal decreases in size it compresses on the nerves creating the pains. Sorry brain a bit foggy today well rather like mush really hope this helps xgins

Thanks yes it does help. And I know what you mean about head like "mush".

Jan x

hi all, i also have this problem, been stuck in bed, for almost month, i found, gin,s answer, to help, hot warter bottles, and plenty pain killers, rest, rest, an rest, never mind if you feel guilty rest, i did, for the month, and it has eased off a little,i was told by physio, if i were to swim, not to do, breast stroke,as it makes it worse,i was a little suprised by that,

deb x

wall1409 in reply to deby10

I was warned not to do breaststroke also but I cant do front crawl due to neck problems so packed in swimming

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