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Taken control

Hi all,

Sorry I have not been on for ages but I have been having councilling and been reassing my life from top to bottom.

I have taken myself off of all meds for a while to see what is happening with my body. Well it is so nice to be able to think almost clearly for a change as brain fog is one thing but meds fog is just terrible.

I am in a heck of a lot of pain I have to say but balancing this against the fact that I can have a life I have to say I think for me I am better off on milder painkillers (naproxen) and being able to think and feel. I am back working for myself and I can actually read a book and take in what I read.

Life is a choice and I am choosing to have the pain so I can have a bit of a life to.

Hope your all doing well.

Gentle hugs xx

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Morning Devon lady ,

You are brave if you can cope with out the meds you have my admiration. I cannot use naproxen and it was good for me when I did but I became light sensitive with my skin so that one is out.

Tend to stick with very grades of oxycontin for the pain. I am glad you are so much more able without the meds well done you good luck xgin


Thanks Gin, I am in much fibro pain but so long as I can control it enought to get sleep at night for the moment it is working. Now maybe this will change as we all know fibro is an illness that morphs from ont thing to another but for the present I have a life. I have learnt that too many meds are as bad as too few with fibro and docs just seem to prescribe more and more in a desperate attempt to make me better which is seems oftem makes me worse. x


Very brave, and very well done, I try to live with as least meds as poss I stick to cocodamol.

Good luck and as I said very brave. xx


Hi devon lady I too only take co-codamol to treat my fibro though have to say at times the pain can be unbearable Im managing to work part time and function enough to get through day. Its not that im brave more that co- codamol is really all my gp has offered me beside ampitripiline which i gave up on after a few weeks as it zonked me out. I am going to asked to be refered to pain clinic but kinda hope that with pacing and mild painkillers I can continue on - at least untill things get worse as they often do with fibro. Glad to hear ur feeling if not better then at least more focused long may it continue

Take care

Dixie xx


Well done Devonlady -- I too decided to take the "pacing" route and avoid pain-killers (the amytryptilline made me feel worse!!) and if you are very "determined" and have a "positive" attitude (not always easy!!) then you will succeed -- I have been "pacing" myself (which means accepting that your "old" life is gone and a "new" life is starting) for about 6 years now and have adapted to my new lifestyle (even managing to go back to work part-time). I rarely take a mild pain killer -- still get a bit of tiredness but at least i feel "alive" and not merely "existing". Good luck to you and all the others who are reducing their meds -- hope it works out for you! XX


Thanks everyone, it is hard pacing but it is true that if you except that the previous life you had is gone then it can be done. I do get tired, well lets face it being in pain is very tiring but I do feel I am alive now and as you say Phlebo 123 I am not just existing which was what was really difficult for me.

I have the greatest respect for anyone who can manage their new life in a way that helps them to live not just exist.

Big hugs xx


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