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Bad Day

This is one of the worst days i have for a while. My whole body aches, i woke this morning in so much pain and just felt so tired, I can't do much today, just in short bursts. My head aches my body aches, my fingers feel like someone is sticking pins in them I have this burning feeling in my arms, feels just like i have caught to much sun but haven't done. I just feel like i could sleep all day. It looks like a sod off day and leave me alone.

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*Hugs* I had one of those on Thursday. I spent the whole day either laying down on my bed or laying down on the sofa. My kids left me to it bless them.

I did feel much better yesterday thankfully, but I'm having another easy day today as I have a busy one tomorrow.

Take your pain killers and rest! My doc told me off for not doing as my body told me and said I would get worse if I wasn't careful. Nice huh....gotta love the honesty though.

Hope you feel better soon.



Gentle hugs, I had a bad night as well, also with weird dreams. Feel like nothing on earth today, want to do some knitting but fingers hurt too much and can't be bothered. I've come to realise I can't have good days every day, so if my body wants the day off I have to give in to it. Thank goodness for laptops! The physio made me keep a 2 week diary to see if I was getting enough rest, and no I wasn't, I kept trying to push through the pain. So having a nice quiet day, hubby is out, crafting is on tv, just settled down with a cuppa and packet of digestives and don't feel guilty anymore. Tomorrow I might feel a lot better!!! Lynn x


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