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Update :))

Update :))

Hi everyone,

I have been meaning to message to give you an update on everything.

I have managed to finish my college course, so happy as it was stressing me out a little at the end of the course.

I am now all settled in my flat, my brother came over yesterday to put up some shelves which look lovely. He also helping me tidy my whole flat, which is nice and tidy now :))

I had an assessment at home for some equipment, the lady who came was lovely, she briefly told me she had told her work colleagues off for sending me some other equipment that I was struggling with (a bath stool) as they didn't come out and assess me just guessed what I needed. She told them off as she looked at my medical conditions and mentioned to them about my fibromyalgia and told them the equipment won't help me but would make me worse which it did, so she has took away the bath stool and a ugly brown chair (that you would usually see in an old people's home) gave me a bathlift (as I have been struggling to get in and out of the bath, I have slipped a few times which is a little dangerous and has caused pain in my wrists which looks like I might have carpal tunnel in both wrists

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Many congratulations on completing your college course, I know how difficult that can be as I am trying to work out what to do about my degree - do I settle for a certificate of Higher Education or go back for another 2 years part-time and get a diploma?

I am also glad to hear that your home life is getting sorted out and that you are now getting the help you need.

Sorry to hear you might have Carpal Tunnel though and hope it isn't that bad.


Hi thanks for the reply.

Yeah I have been thinking about going back to college for another two years and I'm not sure if I can b bothered if I'm honest as I'm just starting to do voluntary work and in rather happy in my routine if I'm honest. I don't think I could manage two more years at college and from what I can recall I had lot more flare ups too


Tat is great and you have a good brother take care Bernie xxx


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