Hello everyone :) Has anyone been diagnosed with FMS with less than the required 11 out of 18 pain/trigger points on the body?

My Consultant Rheumatologist said I have 9 out of 18 and I have a whole host of other symptoms (fatigue, severe muscle and joint pain, pins and needles, IBS, headaches, concentration problems etc...)

Any thoughts very much appreciated! :)

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  • I've yet to be seen by the rheumy (long waiting times) and am treated as fibro anyway. I get a whole host of other things too and am currently being 'watched' by the gp to see if he can find out if anything else is going on. I don't actually know where all 18 trigger points are.

  • Ask or demand you get a second opinion

  • Hi all i am not sure if i am typing in the correct area if not can you please advise me where, I have scoliosis (curvacture of the spine) metal rod removed in 1993 as it had a hair line crack when i was preganant with my olderst child. I am now on 35 tablets a day, tramadol x 2 =(200mg),tramadol 8x 50mg= 400 mg, amitrypaline 5mg x 4 -20mg, diazapan 5mg x 4 5mg = 20mg, paracetamol 500mg x 8 = 4000mg, gabapentin 100mg x 6 = 600mg, and water tablets,omega oil,and multi vitamins. The thing is i am still in so much pain and i know my condition is this but i am thinking maybe i could have fibro too as im showing nearly all the symptoms. Any help will be greatly recieved xx ty Nicola x

  • Hi Nikki welcome to the site. Sounds like you are very much one of us why dont you go to firboaction.org and look up the pages on fibro they are really helpful.

    You are just fine to write here or you can start your own post and we can go from there but it really doesnt matter which :)

    Great site hope you enjoy it you can always message me if you need to gins

  • ty i will go look around and find it now hopefully :)

  • Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I had understood that apart from a process of eliminating other illnesses the trigger points are the only other diagnostic tool. Is any one else familiar with these? Happy Friday by the way :-)

  • If you do a search on the Internet there are sites out there that will showvyou a diagram of where all the tender points are.

    This is where mine are:

    2 at base of skull, 4 around top of shoulders, 2 around kidney area, 2 top of buttocks, 2 hips/top of thighs, inner knees (one each side), one on each inner elbow, and between shoulder and elbow (on bicep muscles).

    I hope this makes sense. The tender spots are symmetrical, so I've tried to describe them the best way I can. I've got all 18, but not everyone does.

    Becky. Xx

  • Malwhimmy all I can say is SNAP! :) oh it is not a game . xgins

  • Hi yes they do use the trigger points as a primary method then they work through eliminating everything else by taking blood for markers of rheumatics arthritis etc. They also usually xray the painful sections I think they must have a full skeleton of me by now. Hopefully the american blood test will eventually find its way over here and we will all get quicker diagnostics. xgins

  • My Rheumatologist reported to my gp (after telling me probably Fibro) that I have Myofacial pain and (not enough symptoms as yet for Fibro) which my gp says is most likely because I don't have all the tender points, but my gp believes that I have Fibro also.

    I have tender/trigger points from my skull to my buttocks but not really below there although I do get pain down to my feet.

    My gp feels it isn't really fair to say someone doesn't have Fibro just because they have most but not all the points required...so he thinks I have both Myofacial pain and Fibro...I definitely have symptoms of both!

  • No-one's ever checked mine. Just that I'm in so much pain in so many places that that is what they have put it down to.

  • I have both as well, but I did have all the pressure points

    To be honest I don't know what is fibro and what is myofacial

    Both hurt like hell.

    Love viv

  • Same here they both seem to blur into each other sometimes, when I get floored with tiredness and feel like I have flu without the usual, stuffy nose sore throat etc then I feel that is Fibro, when I get severe muscle spasm, then I think that is the Myofacial, but sometimes when I just feel completely wrecked and in a lot of pain, then I feel it is probably both!

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