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ESA tribunal coming, is there any support out there?

I am single with no family and with severe anxiety and depression on top of FM I am beyond dreading the up coming ordeal of this tribunal. I have been told that I can take someone with me but don't have anyone and was wondering if anyone knows of any kind of support agency that I could contact?

As always many thanks x

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You could try welfare rights. They do get pretty booked up, but still try. I had to go on my own,but was not as bad as i imagined. Just answer honestly,and write down brief notes for yourself,to keep in front of you,just incase you forget anything that you want to say. They were quite nice at the tribunal. Good Luck. Take Care


have a look for your Local Advocate Service/Agency,via internet/phone book they should be able to assist and attend with you. Good Luck


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