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Just thought id write this Blog to all of you to say ty :))

I've related to you peeps so much these past months, regarding this illness and sometimes its a godsend to hear your successes and struggles. It leaves me feeling not so alone I suppose, helping me to feel-- oh yes a "normal" fibro person. For me right now im newly diagnosed with fibro and lower back prob that are weakening my muscles which is worsening my very flat feet situation that is very painful and yes need I say anything, triggering my fibro to even though im quite well medicated at the mo. with out you peeps my day wouldn't be quite complete. I lost this sight somehow and have just managed to get back and found you all just glad and ty again.

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Have you been referred to orthotics for made to measure insoles to correct your feet and help correct your posture which could be making your lower back pain worse ... My rheumatologist referred me but I am sure your GP could do it.




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