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Yet another flare

This one started just over a week ago with a load of mouth ulcers, then last Monday after hydrotherapy my good leg was really weak, By Tuesday I felt weak all over & come Wednesday morning the pain and overwhelming exhaustion had me in tears. I went to the drs on Thursday and he's increased my Zomorph from 30mg to 40mg twice a day for 3 weeks to get me through the flare up as I'm due to go on holiday in a weeks time. It's now Sunday and although the pain is better controlled the weakness and exhaustion is still there.

I'm considering going back next week if it's still no better and asking to have a weeks worth of steroids. I wish I knew what triggered this flare but it could be so many things, under a lot of pressure from work as unum still haven't made a decision about my medical retirement, work are putting a lot of pressure on me, and I've been pushing myself hard with hydrotherapy. But more than that I wish it would hurry up and move on. My flares typically last 2-4 weeks so hoping this is on the shorter side but no sign of it yet.

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Hi Suzy

I am so sorry I can totally sympathise I have been flaring now for nearly 4 weeks mouth ulcers and pain ... It might be a good idea to see your GP and explain you need something for your holiday I know mine is stress that I can't do anything about so hoping to see my GP this week

Hope you get to see your GP get some steroids and have a great holiday

VG ><((((o>


Hi Suzy,

I am sorry to hear that your having a rough time. I know that you posted this some time ago and I wish I responded to you a bit sooner. I have flares and stress certainly doesn't help. I am also having problems with unum, which is a nightmare.

In fact, it was some time ago but they conducted video surveillance of me and disclosed personal details about my family. The whole thing stressed me out, I remember sending them a letter by recorded mail and the walking to the post office and the stress of it all brought me out in a flare-up (it was bad because I get muscle spasms around my ribs and I had a hyperventilation attack) Anyway, have you had any joy with unum? it really annoys me what they are doing to people, can we chat offline?


Hiya yes unum have approved my claim. Feel free to message me.


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