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How are you today, all fibroducklings?


Today has been a tough day for a personal reason and it has completely drained me. I am so exhausted, been very emotional all day and generally feel like rubbish :( I am laying on my bed waiting for my boyfriend to come help me go back downstairs to pee (my DLA application and now appeal will then be used to put a bathroom upstairs to help) and then go sleep.

I've felt really sick all day too.

So - How are you?

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Backache, arm ache, leg ache, elbow ache, tired, blurry eyes but heyho can't let it get me down lol.

Hope you have a better day tomorrow :)


Great news! The possibility that is. Hope your DLA situation gets resolved really fast and positively so you can get your loo!

So sorry you are feeling so bad. I am tired and achy and wish my mum hadn't asked how much we owe! However, there is always tomorrow and hopefully a good nights sleep before that!

Sweet dreams to follow an easier evening.


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