Ref: "I am desperate for additional out of County Funding!"

Could any one please expand as simply as possible how I go about requiring additional funding now it has gone over to NHS UK?

The PCT has virtually disintegrated where I use to receive the funding for my Specialised needs. This has come at a time that is 110% vital I continue yet every Government site I click on for support and information just comes up with no web page and site has been closed.

It just feels like being disabled through no fault of my own I am being "Stigmatised" with no where to turn to?

Thank you.

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  • I'm sorry, Yen, I have absolutely no idea about this. Hopefully, some of our members who understand the system will log in and be able to help you.

    You could always go to CAB and ask if they have info., and possibly write to your MP if things remain confusing. Disability issues are rightly very current at the mo', so your MP will probably be very keen to help!

    Best wishes

    Moffy x

  • Many kind and caring thanks with best Wishes to you your end.

  • I feel for you. Funding crisis has hit lots of people. Even my childrens young carers group has just had its team cut with redundancies. The government have no idea how much these young carers do, saving the government millions. Yet they won't even give proper funding for much needed services. Makes me quite angry. Hope you find a pot of gold out there to help you soon. :-)

  • You have put the whole issue into a complete and sincere sentence - am truly grateful for your kind response.

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