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Don't know what to do for the best. I am desperate for some advice.


How do l find a dr who will help me instead of speaking to me about my fibromyalgia as if I'd doesn't exist. I dislike her because she takes me to like she's stood inand part of the great unwashed. She's taking me off all painkillers and won't recommend that l have anymore in the next op l'm due to have. I'm at my wits e nd and she's just made me feel suicidal . There is absolutely nothing nice about this Dr. Are there any Drs who can help? I'm not able to go private and live in the STOCKPORT area. Thank you.

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Is this your Dr at your surgery. You could ask to change drs or you could change surgeries. I certainly would in your case. You know your own body and she shouldn't be treating you like this!! Sorry, rant over !! It's just it really annoys me when drs treat their patients like this!! Take care and stay safe Lynne

I agree with oldham65 unfortunately many doctors cannot admit to their lack of knowledge in many diseases not just F M they choose to blame the patient for their inability to actually do some thing very basic like treating symptoms with palliative meds . you could report your doctor for her poor attitude if that is not to stressful other than that see the practice manager about having a different named gp who has some understanding of what your enduring . if that fails you could find another practice hopefully some one near you can recommend a caring doctor who is not wilfully ignorant of F M .

See another GP, it took me 3 before I found a good one.

Unfortunately just as we got things sorted she went on maternity leave but the work we had done together and the detailed notes she left meant that the plan could be continued and my life improved except for the jaw pain which took a bite guard from the dentist.

It takes lots of different parts to make the plan and it's as much about self help as it is about medication.

Keep a life vs Symptom diary so you have details to present to the new GP when you see them, if you aren't sleeping and eating properly and getting some gentle exercise that is where even the good doctors will start because they like to hold on to the pain killers for when these things don't work.

It's also worth discussing supplements, a lot of people with fibromyalgia that I have spoken to are Iron, Magnesium and Vitamin D deficient, taking supplements to top up these levels if you are deficient helps a lot.

5-HTP supplements increase serotonin production and early studies show this to help but check with your doc first as they can interfere with some medications.

In the short term over the counter cocodamol and Ibuprofen gel may be your best bet.

You shouldn't have to go private. On the surgery website you should be able to find out if any doctors have any specific knowledge or interest in fibro, and/or which GP specialises in pain. Otherwise speak to the Practice Manager to organise an appointment with a GP specialising in pain. A GP should never stop all your pain meds! It has been the opinion in the fibro world that all pain medication stops working eventually, but that's an argument for a GP some other time. They cannot leave you in pain. Take care.

Sorry you feel like this, but completely understand why. I gave up on doctors years and years ago, so what I did was focused on people who really improved there situation and it can happen. I would highly recommend the Fibromyalia and muscle pain my Dr Leon Chaitow - incredible book, he has a fantastic understanding of fibro and the studies mentioned in the book shows that people do get to improve and some even recover, he goes into great detail what can help and the cost in minimum and the reason the recovery rate is low is because people stop trying, they listen to the doctor who is adamant that you "just have to live with it"

Best wishes



Hi, as suggested is there another gp in the surgery who may be more understanding of the condition.

Another suggestion I often make to this question is to contact your nearest support group (if there is one in your area -

Often they will know what surgeries/doctors are better than others

If you need support group info please email me at with your postcode

You could also write to the Practice Manager and complain about her attitude!

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