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esa medical report is it too late to appeal

I have just received my medical report from April when I had my medical for esa. I have only just got this because I have been waiting for a letter to tell me what group I was in but I got a text message to tell what group I was in. After reading the report the nurse clearly states that I am very uncomfortable in a chair and that I have to keep getting up because of the pain.She reported that I would not be able to sit at a work station and that I get tried easily and I have splints on both my hands. She told me that she would expect me to be put in the support group. Then as I read through the paperwork she has put on that work would be manageable in 18 mths time. How can they contradict themselves. Also when I walked to the examination room she stated that I walk 30 metres. The length of room was no where near 30 metres. it was only about 10 metres if that. How on earth are we supposed to judge the length we can walk without discomfort if the medical examiners have no idea of distance.

Is it too late to appeal their decision or not ?

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phone them and ask for a reconsideration . Do it today



What group did you get? They should be sending you a letter to confirm what the text said. If I were you I would wait for that. it is not unknown for them to tell you one thing via phone call or text and then the letter to say something different. Why did you get the medical report and not a letter stating which group they had put you in?

I was put in the support group because of mobility problems and because I have "severe functional disability". The nurse then said I could be considered for a return to work in 12 months. I would like to know how? I didn't realise miraculous cures were so readily available. Who knew lol.

When you receive your letter it should give you all the info you need about appealing. I believe you have 1 month from the date on the letter t of the letter to lodge an appeal. I would chase up the letter if I were you.


hi..if you message me I will give you a link xxx


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