Norfolk Coalition of Disabled People (ncodp)

Norfolk Coalition of Disabled People (ncodp)

I was given a leaflet for the charity ncodp when I met the Disability Advisor recently, and thought it may be helpful for any of you Norfolk guys on here. They offer support and advice on welfare rights and benefits, as well as a general service to anyone who needs it.

you can find them at and they are based in Framingham Pigot

Their strapline is "equality, dignity, human rights". Haven't got in touch myself yet, as too much going on just now, but will be as soon as... Hope it helps someone :) soft hugs xxx

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  • That's great news for people in Norfolk or near I hope it can help many people on here ... I hope you don't mind if I copy this for my fibro notes on where people can go to for help

    Much appreciated

    VG x

  • Hi V-G, be my guest - happy to spread the news! Have to say the health service here is pretty good generally. One of my daughters has di George Syndrome, as has one of her boys, and she's never had such good support and empathetic welfare workers/medical staff. We've all been very impressed with the range of services since we came here about 8yrs ago.

  • btw... the pic with my blog is supposed to be in the box with my name... like your lovely fish :D

    ! Any ideas...?

  • My OH did mine I couldn't do it .... Blushes and admits total failure

    VG :(

  • Hi there, it looks like a very good resource, wish we had something like that down here in Devon, but the website alone makes for good reading, thank you for posting it

    Foggy x

  • Hi Foggy! You're welcome - fab isn't it... Hope you get something like it in lovely Devon soon ;)

    Frangi x

  • I doubt it Frangi, Down 'ere we be a bit behind with modern day things ;-) ;-) can always wsh though :-)

    Foggy x

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