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Hi everyone,

I went to see my gynaecologist today and speak to her about my extremely heavy bleeding and I'll be going in for an afternoon at hospital for a procedure to lighten the lining of the womb. I had a lot of people helping me and giving me advice and would like to thank everyone who did.

Anyway the doctor I saw today asked me if I'd been screened for diabetes? I was a little taken aback because its not something that's been discussed with my gp. I've made an appointment to see my gp on Wednesday 3rd July and I'm going to be asked to be screened then. Has anyone else asked to be screened for diabates? Has anyone now got diabetes and found they got it after being diagnosed with Fibro? Or are you going through a screening process for it now?

Thanks in advance for your help on this and I wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for all of your help on past questions and blog posts. Thank you so much. Gentle hugs to you all.


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Hi Babebatista,

Don't worry too much about diabetes screening - it's pretty routine.

It usually starts with a pin-prick blood test, to see if you have high blood glucose. If it is raised, then you will have a fasting blood sugar test, which is a blood test done first thing in the morning when you have not eaten for eight hours. This will be followed by a glucose tolerance test, which will involve giving you a very sugary drink, and taking yet another blood sample!

Nothing painful or threatening, and if you should prove to have diabetes, then you will be prescribed diet and medication.

I hope this has helped to put your mind at rest!

Moffy x


PS. I don't think fibro is associated with diabetes, but inevitably with such a large group of people, some of us will be diabetic!


Hi Moffy,

Thank you hun. I will let you know how I get on. Kind regards,



Yes when I had a spasm In my back one night it was so bad I couldn't lie ,or sit , I could whinge and whimper though so I did that .... A GP came out said I was having a spasm... No really I didn't laugh or bite him .... He gave me some meds said I was running a temperature so gave me some general antibiotics then made me get my self to the bathroom .. To give him a wee sample so I could be checked for diabetes ... He actually tutted when I said no one had ever suggested this ... Anyway I had managed to get a sample for him to test and it he did the dunk strip test and of course I was fine .. Except in pain .... Then when I was better I was made to go for a fasting blood test which of course was normal again

So it may be just a run of the mill lets test for diabetes just to make us stress a little more

Good luck and try not to worry

VG x


Hi VG,

Thank you so much hun. I will let you know how I get on. xxxx


Hi my rheumatologist thought I might be and sent me for said tests. The one where you drink this glucose to check your intolerance. I was fine perfectly ordinary. I am just a large lady but fully cognisant about diabetes and eating a good diet. Good luck dont worry it really is not the end of the world should the tests be positive :) xgins


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