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Hi all ive had the old dla form sent & its got to be in for the 11th July

Right ive got the old dla form & i have to return it by the 11th july, i have a lady coming to see me from dial to help me fill it in, but i was just wondering if i would have to fill the new form in after ???? they have marked my form with 29th may so will only get it back dated to that date if i do get it, what are my chances of getting it because am really stressed to the max at the moment with it all i just wanna stop in bed out of the way :-(

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If you are not getting any DLA at the moment there is no harm In trying you have nothing to lose

good luck

Vg x


Hi sarah24, good luck with the form - do fill it in - like Very-Grumpy says, there's no harm in trying for it. I have my old dla form given to me in March & am in the same situation about not knowing whether to send it in or not - let's both send in our forms, then cross our fingers, (if you can without causing too much pain!), wish for luck & get outside for some fresh air to clear our heads!

Good Luck,



i have got a form to see if dwa to look at my claim again as i have to have help now as my son as now got full time job and it no longer in a position to help me. i have a walkin shower, stair lift. and my ot officer got me a bar for the side of my bed, and i have a lifeline in the house i have to use wheel chair if i go out, i am told by my partner if i fill in these forms i will lose my benefits what do i do. my disabilitynas been cut down to low rate care and high rate mobility, don,t know if it is worth claiming or asking them to look at my claim again since i have to have more help now


email emma for the benefit & work guides say it's for DLA not PIP

they help with the forms.



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