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lack of sleep

not looking forward to tonight.know I wont be able to many things going around in my muddled head.crying since I got back from doctors-stomach so uncomfortable.still unanswered questions and no reasons given( on several occasions to doctors)regarding weight gain/loss.once again I said all weight gain is abdominal-and lost elsewhere.

dr said wait til after op and go from there.thats 2 months away-not sure i can cope with this until then.stomach so huge today -trousers don't fit around my middle.

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Morning Anbuma

Sometimes we get so that we think every thing will be sorted when we see the venerable docs and then we come away are hopes shattered feeling dreadful. I understand you weight gain loss I am continually inflating and deflating now I keep larger trousers and smaller ones so I have always something I can wear- not fashionable but decent- So now you have to wait two weeks is not long be patient it will come around quite fast. Good luck xgins


I have sent you good wishes xgins


thank you gins.i don't think anything will convince me its not a cyst-just from amount of weight gained and stories.


Hi anbuma ... I am wondering the stress of you worrying about your stomach is not helping your fibro at all... As we all know to our cost stress makes our fibro worse... Your GP is obviously not reassuring you ... If it was me ... After having all the scans and tests you have had done on the NHS and privately I would make an appointment with another GP explain that you stomach is worrying you despite scans showing nothing and ask if you could have some councelling to reduce your stress levels and hopefully you will get some support to get you through till you have your op for gallstones... Or another possibility is another GP will order some different tests ... There is no reason for you to keep going back to this GP who obviously is not helping reassure you and you have no confidence in

Good luck

VG x


Hi Anbuma. So sorry you are still having this stomach problem, as VG said,perhpas it`s time you went to another doc, and with any luck different test could be the answer. I have a similar problemwith my tum bloating up, and have now gone to eating free from foods [ gluten and wheat free ]I have to admit, it has made a great deal of difference, and feels so good not to constantly have a swollen stomach. If you haven`t already tried this, perhaps it would be worth a go. Best of luck

Lyndia x


my stomach feels hard and very lumpy and it never goes down..does anyone else have this .


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