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ESA appeal

Morning all

I was just wondering if anyone knows how long the esa appeals are taking in Derby ive een waiting 15 months and I still haven,t heard anything. Im sure these people making these decisions would alter the system if they were to get this crippling illness and knew that the stress off waiting for these appeals cause so much distress it only add,s to the pain I already suffer :(


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15 months is a very long time not to have heard anything from them, give them a ring to make sure they have not forgotten you or lost your papers.


Hi millie, I've just had a reply about my appeal & it says that there is a 33-35 week wait for appeals to be heard here in West Mids. Like esagestapo says, I would give them a ring to see what is happening with your appeal.

Good Luck,



0300 123 0736 Birmingham tribunals service they can give you the exact waiting time :)

Liam Carter

Senior Case Manager

My Benefit Claim


Thank you for all the replies. I rang the tribunals service this morning. The lady I spoke to was very helpful, saying a letter was sent out yesterday and the date is for 16 july. this is for DLA apparently they used to hear DLA and ESA together but they no longer do that so they are doing DLA first and say depending on that outcome I may not have to have an hearing for the ESA. Apparently if DLA successful I may receive the ESA will be granted. Well im hoping this is the case anyway. Again thank you for you replies.



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