ESA again :(

Can anyone help PLEASSSSEEEE I have two appeals pending on my ESA, because of being put into the Limited Cap group, I`ve just sent my ES50 back for my next medical, not holding my breath on that one either. Now if when I go to my appeals am I right in thinking if they put me in the Support Group then it only counts for the time from one assessment to the other? And dosnt carry on? :( Ann

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  • i am as confused as you huni i think they make things as difficult as possible for people so we finally give up with it xx take care gentle huggss xx sorry don't have an answer though xx

  • support group is for life hun, no reviews or medicals ever again (unless they change the rules again!!) xx

  • hi Nadine, I was put in the support group last year, and am being reassessed, apparently they do this every year and treat you like a new claimant! unbelievable. as if you can be suddenly cured of a lifetime disability. I now have a file of every treatment drug med appointments letters from family ,doc etc. I have been waiting over 2 months for a reply, very stressful. best wishes Cazx

  • my friend was in the support group and then had a medical and was took off it and put on work related ( it isnt for life xxx )

  • that only happens if you were put into the support group before having medical. i was on incapacity benefit, then had medical which put me into support group FOR LIFE, just checked my letter and it states this due to the fact that my condition will not improve and only worsen.

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