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has anyone seen the report by a doctor in AMERICA

by the name of dr frank l rice

he is saying that it is a build up of lactic acid

and hyperactivity in the brain

and also it is arteride-venule (AV)shunts in the hands

meaning that we have tomany blood vesels in the hands

and nerve ending and that is why we are bad in the winter

you can find the righting on fightback fb account

would love to love to see what you all think

soft hugs to you all kath

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Yup The research sounds promising but in the very early stages as yet ... But at least its a step forward :)


That sounds promising,but I guess it will be a long time till it filters over here in this country xx


strange as it sounds there does seem to be some support for this - build up of lactic. My "old" physio told me some years ago about it and suggested a good thing was to "slap one's outer thighs" as hard as we can in the morning to get the lactic fluid running" I practice this when I can - even with gentle "pats" it really helps me. Of course some mornings it's the last thing I think of (and probably the time when it would be most useful) and even the idea feels painful! There is a way of slapping the thigh which is hard work on your arm muscles but not hurt on the thigh rather it sounds like a hollow slap. I was also told of something similar when I went for a head massage.

Happy gentle slapping!


Strange that because that's exactly how I used to discribe the pain to my doctor...'as having run a marithan but not being able to recover' maybe there is some connection....let's hope some one finds a cure very soon....


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