Heads shoulders knees and toes knees and toes

where have heard that before of course it is that song not my list of pain- well it is my pains too many to go through I am waiting for all the meds to take a grip so I will be able to conquer the day.

I am sure there are lots of us in the same situation. With luck in about another hour the slow release ones will kick in if not it will be top ups today.

Talking about Heads (we were weren't we) I am going to wash my hair next it wakes my body up . La la la la lalalal!

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  • Morning gins, as per usual u r making jokes and trying to be lively for us although you are in a lot of pain like us, thanx for trying to brighten our day, it looks like we are going to be lucky again and get our good dose of vit D to help us, Im waiting for my meds to kick in then im going to potter in the garden not that easy with crutches but i do enjoy it, and its so nice to see all the lovely bright colourful flowers,also there are a pair of robins nesting and the baby is nowout of the nest and its wonderful to see them feeding it,also when I am working out there the robin comes down and sits close by hoping i will turn over a worm with my little handfork, i have alittle convesation with him, lol not that he can understand me, prob thinks what and idiot human being lol... I may even have my lunch in the garden today, by the way gins does this fibro affect the heart muscle too do you know.....oops gota go my little westie who is sooo sick with kidney failure is trying get my attention....gentle hugs to you and thanx ....Dee xx

  • I'm waiting for meds to kick in as well, after which I shall colour my hair.

    I dread this, because then I have to clean all the sludgy marks off the bathroom walls, floor ceiling, etc. Dunno why it makes so much mess, I must be doing something wrong!

    Ah well, shall look a bit glam afterwards, i hope, so must keep going!

    Moffy x

  • we wont recognise you in the Hut Moffy . What colour today -sounds like you change it every day is today a mauve day or a auburn!

  • Oh, I'm very dull, as befits a moth. A soft violet is my default colour, with a few bright red streaks! :D

  • In my pj's on the sofa with my 2nd coffee just took 2nd lot of meds and waiting for the pain to settle to a bearable lull then I may shower...:)

  • just wanted to cheer everyone up,,i was singing with one of my gransons ( i have 8,,i am so lucky and one grandaughter YES) sorry we was singing doe a deer etc we do sing now and again he is seventeen,,,lol,,and when we got to tea a drink with jam and bread he comes out with chockcalate spread and scones ?????? exspensive tastes he has,,i was laughing as much as the pain would allow,,sorry to about you mishap gins hope you found this funny,,might justof had to be there hugs x

  • :-) better than jam and bread!

  • Aiden I just love it you are marvellously bonkers just like me well us really .xgins

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