A great result for Fightback v ATOS

A gentleman asked for Fightback's help filling in his ESA50, Michelle the solicitor comes out to your home, she spent 4&1/2's with him as a result he has been placed straight into the support group. She does charge a small amount but with changes to legal aid being brought in it may be worth joining the FB Fightback page. I am championing this but am no way involved! Just think the more people like Michelle who can give us a voice and great invaluable help then it needs shouting about!!

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  • I was once told if it takes less than 3 hours to fill the form in it is not in depth enough and allowances will be stopped. The second time we had to claim 6/7 years ago it kept coming back not eligible or whatever but we had asocial worker who used to come to our home as I do respite care for adults with learning difficulties, and she filled it in. She put every small detail down even the chest infection hubby had at the time, and the broken rib he had through coughing. copied everything that was written on the form got the benefit back without going to a hearing. This last time just wrote everything down minus the illnesses that cleared up and added the things that had come on since how his health had deteriorated since. Got a home visit this time as it appears everybody has to have a face to face medical now, We got the back.

  • Have just "vented" on the fightback page.Yes Michelle is an excellent support.But I believe she only goes out to local people in her area is this true?

  • Around Manchester area x

  • I've just looked on FB and there are so many Fightback pages, how do I know which is the correct one?

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