5 weeks symptom free!

Apart from the aches and pains from my arthritis i am fibro free for over a month which is the longest i can remember! I think its a mixture of things but reading john eatons book reverse therapy has helped me acknowledge my symptoms as messages. Ive been doing a lot of mindfulness meditation and affirmations- in particular telling my body- i have the power here and i refuse to let u dictate how i live my life! Who knows this might just be a temporary repreive but im full of gratitude for where im at today compared to a year ago when i really didnt want to live anymore. Wishing everyone a painfree sunfilled day. Helena

2 Replies

  • Good for you HB I'm pleased for you hope it continues, gentle hugs ...Dee x

  • Wonderful News, enjoy Life , youare an Inspiration

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