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Free or not??

can anyone tell me if i'm entitled to free dental and prescriptions. I am now in support group and on esa but my circumstances changed when my partner threw me away like a bag of garbage in begining of december. I am also on DLA. I now have to change everything again at dwp as im classed as homeless even though the council have put me in a temporary flat till they 'investigate' my circumstances.Hence the question as im not sure if i can tell my dentist its free for me....

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Hi there,you can get free dental if you are on esa income based & not contribution based xx as far as I know as I'm on contribution based & have to pay xx


I am on contribution based ESA and have to pay. Hope yours is income based. Sorry you're having such a bad time.xx


Hi there raspberryripple, oh dear, you really are going through the mill at the moment aren't you poor you :o All I can tell you my own experience and that is that I am in the WRAG, and also am in receipt of DLA and I do not have to pay for either prescriptions or anything at all for dental treatment and it has been this way for at least the last fifteen years. However sookie may be right about it being linked to whether your esa is income or contribution based. It might be a good idea to go to your local CAB and they will certainly be able to help you and explain exactly what your entitlements are.

I wish you very good luck with this and hope things start to improve for you very soon :-)

Foggy x


Hello Rasperryripple,

So sorry you are experiencing such stress at the moment. It sounds like you have got a lot on your plate right now. Please know we are here if you need to talk and we will try our very best to advise or signpost you to the information you need.

As Foggy says, visiting your local CAB will help as they discuss your individual circumstances with you. However, the following links may be of interest too.

Here is a factsheet from Disability Rights UK which you may find helpful;

Plus can I provide you with a link to NHS information below;

I hope this helps

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


If your ESA is income related then you are entitled to help with health costs. You can also complete the HC1 booklet "Help with health costs" and you will get awarded either an HC2 certificate which is full help or an HC3 certificate which is partial help with health costs and the form tells you how much you have to pay.

I would phone DWP to see which ESA I was on income related or contribution based.


hi, I'm on contribution based but having lots of trouble with teeth and have just applied for help. Result is I can have help with dentist and optician but still have to pay for prescriptions, it's worth applying for if on contribution based ESA :)


Thank you everyone for your help and advice which i have taken on board. At the moment i'm trying to cope with a chest infection and also a 'flare up' of my Fibromyalgia. I'm staying in and trying to just keep warm. I know i will see things differently once i know i'm not homeless anymore. Again thank you all, it meant a great deal to me that someone answered me....big hugs and new year happiness to all xx


Hi there, just wanted to say iwas in a similar situation a few years ago. I ended up in temporary accomadation with my daughter, ( one room). It wad very difficult emotionally and physically and i had not been diagnosed then, although i was very ill. Now, i feel life is much better without the negativity of living eith someone who does/will not understand how ill you can get. Life is still a struggle but i feel stronger and healthier going it alone. Good luck to you in your endeavours.


Take care Raspberry Ripple and get well soon. I am on contributions-based ESA (SG) and I get free via HC2 certificate. I can also apply for income-based top up I am told but I haven't dared put my head above the parapet.



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