Hi people....any advice for my restless legs and sleepless nights...ami makes me cotton wool headed the next day..I'm on 30/50 ccmol x8 day

I desperately need a good nights sleep....I went to the physio last Friday and he said he couldn't treat me as I was in pain everywhere.....he looked at me as though I was wasting his time..he was totally ignorant about fibromyalgia or he simply doesn't believe it exists :-(

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  • I dont have this restless legs (sounds awful), but I do get periods of sleepless nights/days.

    I have zopiclone which works well for me. I have a lot of pain killers + amitriptyline, but after long term use it looses it's sedation quality, so it's the Zopiclone that I rely on for sleep.

    There are so many different ones now, That physio, just plain ignorant, if you get on better with your gp, probably the best person to talk to.

    I hope you get something more effective asap. I'm a wreck without my sleep! xx

  • Hi Bearess. I've had fibro for many yrs now an suffered many a sleepless night. I have found now that if I take my fluoxetine (amytriptine replacement) and an antihistamine at night I don't have such severe restless legs as I did before. I suggested this to my daughter who also has same prob and she said it's brill.

    It might not work for everyone but it's certainly worth a try.

    Good luck with it and I hope it works for you.

  • Hi netty55. I get the restless legs terrible and have recently been put on fluoxetine getting side effects but some going away been taking it in am is it better to take at night? Had so many antidepressants over years and now I think stuck. Hope you can help merlinmac

  • I was found to have restless legs at papworth when I was being assed for sleep apnoea all wired up and I was put on low dose pramipexole I live alone how do I know it works I do not kick duvet off buy the way pramipexole is used to treat parkingsons it works on the eldopia part of the brain if you have problems with GP asked to be assessed at a sleep centre good luck

  • Thank you so much for the replies...I will go and speak to my g.p. When I get enough energy...cheers

  • Hi merlinmac. I take fluoxetine around 7pm with antihistamine (usual 1 a day type). By the time I go to bed I'm bit more relaxed so pills more effective. Might not work that way for everyone tho.

  • My morphine medication helps my restless legs.. restless body. Oramorph.

  • Thank you very much / I'm in bed now - twitching away :-(

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