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An interminable ramble and lichen planus

An interminable ramble and lichen planus

It,s half three in the morning and I am having a cup of tea. An hour ago I finished up all the vanilla ice cream. I have been listening to rado 4extra and doing some drawing, copying random faces of the net and doing sketches of gymnasts to try and get my hand back in.

LICHEN PLANUS - does anyone else have this? I have oral lichen planus diagnosed by doc at the maxo facillary (mouth and jaw) clinic. My mouth is constantly sore and sensetive. I use corsodyl dental gel.


I have suffered for many years also with painful sexual intercourse and now I have read that it is possible to have this condition vaginally as well though it is not often connected as gyne docs and dental docs don't ask the questions. I am going back to ask to be referred to gyne again with this new info. I have had counselling, psycho sexual counselling, hrt, hrt pessarys, creams, devices, you name it but the problem remains stubbournly there. I got tired of banging on to gp and left it for a while but it does blight my life somewhat.

Now to today's drama. I have, as some of may remember, taken on my daughters dog. Yesterday I agreed to look after my grandsons rabbit for a week. It is in a hutch so I thought I could take the dog into garden on a lead and it would be ok. NOT

Dog got away from me and jumped on top of hutch which was on a bench, took a chunk out fo the roof, slipped her lead and I wrestled her into kitchen. She promptly flew round and straight out of window and onto hutch again. She is a 74lb dog and immensly strong. I managed to shut the window and hang on to her neck and get her back inside and liock her in a room while they came to get rabbit to relocate it. Spent an hour shaking and feeling sick. Rabbit ok by the way. Think I pulled a few muscles though.

Middle daughter having a drama with stalking ex. Eldest wants me to put a tenner in her bank tomorrow. Surrogate son just had his benefits stopped. Niece has lump in her brain. Youngest just shlepped in at three am. House and garden in a pickle but i sit and now its nearly fouram and I think I will greet the dawn in an hour then go have a bath. (spidey downs another tramadol, hic) I ate a whole packet of fried chicken strips from iceland for my dinner (with tomato and celery) was on my own from five till eleven tonight, this is what happens, I eat rubbish and get manic.

Ta da...................................Love and hugs to all you guys and gals..................


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Sorry pic is sidewways - it is my fridge door.


Ah, the birds ahve started singing. soon be midsummer,just after my bday.

Forgot I meant to recommend a brand of shoes and sandals, Earth Spirit. You can get them in some shops and on e bay and amazon. I have had the sandals for last two years and yesterday got two more pairs for twenty five quid. Thats half price cos they were in the faded bin in shop. Im not proud!!!!! The are springy and supportive and its like a hug for your feet.(my Mum always gives me twenty quid in June for my new sandals)


Hi Spidey, hope you are feeling a bit better. I too have Oral Lichen Planus and have to be careful what I eat and drink, have had it for many years, taking a Zinc tablet each day helps a tiny bit, but others to not realise how painful and debilitating Lichen Planus can be. Sending you gentle hugs to help you through this difficult time x


Thankyou Fourboys . This is a good place to find people who understand. x


Yes is sure is, you can pm me any time x


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