A Bijou residence!

A Bijou residence!

I have located our new Volunteer Hut!

With a mixture of skulduggery and connections in high places, I have managed to secure the free use of this rather desirable shed in Boris Johnson's back garden.

At first he wasn't too keen, but after I threatened to reveal the secret formula of his blond hair colouring solution, he gave in, and said that we can use it if we keep it clean and don't start fires!

Maybe we should have a hut-warming party - I'm sure Mr Johnson wouldn't mind, so long as we save him some eats. :)

Moffy x

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  • I,m on my way round with cakes and two sticks to rub together ;)

  • Jolly good - I'll make the sausage rolls, and light the BBQ. I suppose that doesn't count as a fire - does it? ;)

  • Of course not.... Brings fire lighters and sings.... I,m a fire starter twisted fire starter.....


  • Hold on a mo I live a stones throw away from Boris Johnson.

    Can I come round and join in?

    And no I don't live in a property as grande as Boris but I can dream!!!

    Bibi x

  • Do you know the secret of his blond mop? :D

  • But of course just bring something flammable ;)

  • Can I come too, bearing steaks and cakes....... Thought a hot tub would add to the ambience, so one is being delivered post haste for us all to enjoy :D :D

    Foggy x

  • Ohhh a hot tub .. I am here waiting gills all a quiver in anticipation... I hope you ordered a large one foggy :)

  • I have arranged for a very handsome young man to be on hand with fluffy towels for us and some fish flakes for VG. Jilly pulls on her swimming googles and fins and dives in to check for sharks before VG takes to the water.

  • Could someone bring a drop of petrol? The BBQ is a bit sluggish at starting! :P

  • Looks at foggy furtively and sneakily brings out Idris. Foggys dragon here he can light it..... Hey jilly how's the water......


  • still on my way from the last venture "peep peep"

    probably arrive 3 am! save me some bubbles - oh, and cake. :)

    sherpa teningb

  • oops! sherpa tensing99b :D :P

  • Ah ha, I thought you still had Idris concealed at your place :D. He's a brill quick lighter of barbecues, he throws out just the right amount of flames, The hot tub holds 10 people easily so when Sandra arrives we can all enjoy ourselves :D :D

    Foggy x

    Ps - sorry had to dash off and visit friend who is in hosp, so late in replying :-(

  • made it! 1:27 am.ready everyone! ... everyone?... hello-o-o...

  • Give me directions and I'll be there with some cakes as well!! Postcode please so's I can find the route!! See ya all soon!! XXX

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