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Still got laryngitis

Hi all still got this laryngitis, I ended up in hospital last Wednesday as I couldn't stop coughing, they kept me in over night as they said I had a raised blood d,dinma ( I think that's how you spell it) which means I have a blood clot somewhere , any way saw a different doctor the following day and he said its just a bad chest infection , but he also said a infection last longer when you have fibromyaglia as any one heard this before its a new one on me. I also found out I have arthritis in my jaw I thought it was part of the fibro when it creaks? Sounds like its broken ,I still carnt talk been 10 days now doc said it will last about another 2 weeks at least because of the fibro. As any one else add anything like this or know about a chest infection lingering because of the fibro.annex

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I find everything takes longer to heal with my fibro ... I have had it 23 years and had 11 ops and everyone I have ended up being in hospital longer than the other people having the same op due to my pain levels and once when I had my stitches out half my wound just opened back up hadnt healed at all...

You have my sympathy

Vg x


Thank you very much for you reply, I didn't know everything takes longer to heal very helpful think I'm going mad sometimes .


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