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World Book Day !

What #Fibromyalgia books have you read? 

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Also what have you read recently or currently reading? Anyone got a favourite book maybe a classic? A favourite Author maybe ?( apart from the obvious being Ken - our very own Author! :) )

Let's talk books! #Worldbookday

Hope you've got sunshine :) Please note this may be put on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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Hi M,

I have had a lot of books over the years about fibro, many of which have gone walkabout

(Not returned from being loaned 👀 )

The three I have to hand are

The First Year Fibromyalgia by Claudia Craig Marek, I did find this useful when I first got my "proper" diagnosis

Living with Fibromyalgia by Christine Craggs-Hinton

Fibromalgia and Muscle pain by Leon Chaitow, some of which I found useful, some bits not so much.

Foggy x


I have both Leon Chaitow & Christine Craggs-Hinton too, she sadly passed away last year in her 60's I believe. I have many others too! :) Books with 'legs' I think we all have had them ! :D He Hee!

I wonder if people may comment on their local libraries & whether they had any informative books on Fibro or are resources poor?

Emma :)


Certainly in my local library they are virtually non existent, but there again the library itself is very sadly under threat of closure😡

Foggy x


Hi Emma and All! :)

My favorite FM reference book is:

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain: A Survival Manual,

written by Devin Starlanyl and Mary Ellen Copeland.

This book maps out Myofascial Trigger Points and much more.

I have had several M.D.s and "body workers" borrow this book. Many had eventually purchased their own copy for reference. :)

Happy World Book Day!



Thank you Emma, I shall have a perusal and see what they have?

Take care

Ken x

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Hi emma, i too have a christine craggs-hinton, had not realised she had passed away, sad she was not old. At moment i am (very slowly) reading thomas cromwell by tracy borman, it is very interesting but i have to keep going over same bits again and again as short term memory is appalling. It does help that wolfhall has been on tv recently ! I have gathered quite a library of my own over the years and do find myself reading old books that it takes me 3/4 of the way through to realise i have read it before ! Am thinking of experimenting with talking books.

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