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Two/three weeks were good, low pain so I forgot myself = increased level of discomfort :o( PMT doesn't help either!

Well, after enjoying a little time of fairly good health [provided weekends were quiet and a lot of rest had] but last Monday the children at my school were have social skills lessons and I joined in a bit to eagerly!

Well, don't you find that if your body feels it can do something you always used to be able to do, the slightest dip in pain levels = forgetfulness = pain levels increasing? Well that's what has happened.

Sitting down on hard chairs quickly was not a good idea, nor was moving across the room faster than usual. So should ache that evening, moving to between the shoulders the next evening, to lower back and settling there whilst hip pain has been increasing too. So mobility has gone down and I now have to have my pillows back to support my lower legs, knees and look after my heels. Warm socks are back too.

I did enjoy myself but now have to have a good night and good rest this weekend so I am ready to do battle again at work whilst we pack up ready to move to another building, settling the students who don't want to move and hate change, and cope with a much feared assessment of my work skills which could result in a dismissal! I am hoping they will agree to retraining if it comes to it, so cross your fingers gently please!

Oh, and hands and strength waining too, along with tearfulness thanks to PMT.

Oh yes, I am supposed to be a survivor! Well, maybe I should settle for fighter for now!

Soft hugs dear friends...

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Good luck with everything. I find that I sometimes forget my limitations if pain etc is at a low level and end up over doing things particularly at work. Then pay for it later. I'm lucky that I'm able to work 3 long days and that's my week done. I don't think I could cope with 5 shifts a week again. Fingers crossed for you. Take care.


I get that as well.Atm Iam in a constant cycle of feeling a bit better and doing too much and being ill,however Iam now constantly ill.It amazes me how anyone with this condition can work.So you should pat yourself on your back for being able to work.I stopped working 7 years ago and I want to be able to do some sort of work,even voluntary work.Well done to you both that you can still manage to do a job and manage your fm,just don't overdo it though!Take care.


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