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Very bad back pain at 25. help?

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i began getting bad upper back neck and shoulder pain on 18th september 2022 suddenly, which gradually became worse and worse so i went to see a chiropractor. after my first session i feel it really helped but then after my second it all went down hill again. i have stopped going now after 5 sessions and feel i am back at square one, if not worse. the pain is 24:7 i am never not in pain and it all over my back. The muscles on either side of my spine are hard and sore to touch constantly. the chiro mentioned something about thoracic-cervico dysfunction and said my left side muscles are very inactive so my right side is having to do everything.

my spine hurts, my ribs feel sore, lower back bones, shoulders, neck, everything. even my arm muscles ache. my shoulders and neck are extremely hard.

iv been trying to do stretches that were given to me and have been put on a waiting list for physio

my blood tests came back with slightly elevated results for an autoimmune response so been referred to rheumatology. i was given naproxen which doesn't help, amytripoline which i am too scared to try as i've never had a good response to any drugs except the standard painkillers, i also have only slightly low vitamin d levels.

as it's been nearly 2 months does anyone have any pain relief recommendations- and how long do these flare up's last? i take NSAID's, deep heat cream, deep freeze etc, it only helps for a bit and not completely. Also can anyone recommend any supplements that have helped them? starting to lost hope and don't want to be in pain forever

- also prob worth noting i haven't yet been diagnosed with anything, fibro was mentioned by the GP

21 Replies
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Hi and a warm welcome to the forums. You can find general information on fibromyalgia at our website and our patient information booklets at

Unfortunately, medications do not always help with fibro pain, and even when they do they often only take the edge off and don't take pain away

Medication wise - antidepressants are the main medication prescribed, although if you have other conditions going on then they may consider other pain medications

Pacing, keeping active, cbd, heat, holistic therapies, mindfulness, meditation, weighted blankets, distraction etc all help me personally

As to how long flares last - there's no answer as it varies

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Hi - as far as your cervico-thoracic problems go, I would first & foremost suggest you are mindful of your posture. Your head weighs about 11lbs, & if you don't consider your posture & have your neck flexed for long periods, this certainly won't help.

Try this in standing.....imagine there's a string at the top & back of your head, now think about pulling this upwards, & your posture should be more correctly aligned as you straighten up. Then practice this when sitting, as the same applies. I think your pain is more due to you flexing (bending forwards) your neck rather than any imbalance by the way you describe the muscles on each side of your spine (tho of course I can't see you, but a problem due to faulty posture is the more likely).

I'm pleased you're going for physio, & hope the wait isn't too long. I'd also recommend sleeping on just one pillow to try & keep your spine more naturally aligned.

This is also something useful to help relieve tension in your body, & thus pain:

I do the above daily as a retired physio who now practices the exercises I used to teach!

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Amywoodx in reply to CM1EDSUK

hi thanks for your response and advice - thats definitely interesting to hear, I am at my desk almost 8+ hours sometimes & when I’m not, I’ll be on my phone and didn’t ever used to sit with a normal posture. I was always bent or sitting on one leg or slouching. I reckon it might be a build up from all those years of doing that but could it cause this much pain in the muscles? They feel so so sore all over the back 24/7. And do you know approx how long til the exercises help with pain? I did use one pillow last night to sleep and woke up with much less neck ache, but my back muscles and shoulder blades are still terribly painful

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CM1EDSUK in reply to Amywoodx

Like many things it may take time to get resolved, so there's no easy answer, but I'm hoping you'll make a step in the right direction by becoming aware of your posture (& correcting it!)

Don't forget to try the diaphragmatic/abdominal breathing exercise I gave a link to too; it will help.

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moo196 in reply to Amywoodx

Sounds like a lifestyle change might be in order.A review of your seating at work - I definitely won't use a chair without arms to take some of the load for instance, check the lumbar support and get a footrest.

Adding in some stretch breaks and start a daily yoga routine as well as weekly classes and some swimming or other exercises.

Regular massage sessions may help and ditch the phone if you can.

Never use your shoulder for propping Yr phone to your ear - assuming you have a headset at work?

warm baths, tiger balm and wheat bags.

My shoulders would often get to "screech level" in my 30s and 40s and I would need to deploy all of the above.

Good luck!

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Just to throw out another idea ... I have the symptoms you describe and it's because of scoliosis ... one side of my body has tight painful muscles and the other side is more loose and less painful ... ... I agree 100% with the posture comments too ... which is even more important if you did happen to have scoliosis ... we scolio folks have to be even more mindful of core strength and posture ... otherwise we have a tendency to kinda fold down into our curve when sitting or standing ... the sitting on one leg makes me wonder too ... I used to do that before I knew and it was my body trying to "be even" by boosting up one side ... hope you feel better soon!

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Amywoodx in reply to SadiesMom

hi how did you get diagnosed if you don’t mind me asking and does the pain ever subside? Felt even worse last night despite having taken amytriptiline

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SadiesMom in reply to Amywoodx

I could actually tell I had it in high school because one of my shoulder blades stuck out farther, one shoulder is higher and I could see it when I bent over and looked at my back in a mirror ... and then eventually I had X-Rays ... through the years I never had any bad pain ... just felt a kind of tightness in my left ribs etc. ... it didn't really bother me until I got into my 50's ... probably because my core has gotten weak (gotta work on that) ... and of course fibro exacerbates everything ... if you don't have one winged scapula (protruding shoulder blade) ... you probably don't have it ... actually ... now that I think about it ... your chiropractor would have been able to tell ... so it's probably not scoliosis ... sorry I didn't think of that earlier ... your symptoms just sounded familiar to me ... but fibro causes so many different types of pains and weird sensations ... I hope you get to the bottom of your pain soon :)

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Astra67 in reply to Amywoodx

I find if I get a flare up nothing really works sorry I couldn’t help but if someone else knows anything that might help I do take amitriptyline but it doesn’t work any ideas

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Amywoodx in reply to Astra67

how long have your flare ups normally lasted? :( I only get temporary relief from tiger balm and standing and moving about

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Astra67 in reply to Amywoodx

2/3 days it can be really bad

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Amywoodx in reply to Astra67

oh dear, mine’s been 2 months 😭

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Acupuncture helps me a lot ...

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YassytinaFMA UK Volunteer

I am glad you have been referred too rheumatologist hopefully then you will get some answers and a diagnosis as too move forward. Think I’d be much more comfortable going down that route than seeing chiropractor or even physio till I knew what’s what . I read about your job so I agree position wise and full day can take its toll, hopefully your boss could let you get up and walk around alittle , differently wouldnt be without my bio freeze rub in cream (especially shoulder blades,neck ), diffo a good soak in the bath at night if you have one,amd I always keep a supply of Epsom salts too use as well. Hope appointment comes soon , let us know how you progress x

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have you tried Epsom salts in your bath like a large mug full of Epsom salts and soak your body for 30 mins also take a magnesium capsule but don’t take more than the recommended dose. I take one a day. Also take vitamin d3 it may help with the pain I also use voltarol gel . I hope you get some relief soon .

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Amywoodx in reply to Whiteclouds

thank you, Yep I have tried epsom salts- it's ok while I'm in the bath but starts up once I get out again. I've just bought some magnesium so I'll take those, I've heard they're good for relaxing muscles? I had a slight vit d defiency so I am taking 2000 IU tablets daily since 6 days ago. it's hard to tell whether it's muscle or spine related

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please don’t be tempted to take more magnesium as too many can stop your heart only take the recommended dose. Get well soon x

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Might be worth trying another nsaid? Naproxen did absolutely nothing for me either, big difference when I changed over to a different one. Also Magnesium spray directly onto the painful area can be helpful too. x

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I would recommend an MRI scan.

I had very similar problems to yourself (I worked in dentistry for nearly 20 years and you can’t help having a poor posture) and an MRI showed up spondylosis in my neck and lower back. My case turned out to be quite extreme and they operated to remove a bone in my neck due to compression in my spinal cord.

Get yourself back to the doctors and, if you can, request an MRI and possible referral to a neurosurgeon.

Best of luck 🙂

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Amywoodx in reply to Blue_Clay

Wow that's scary - who knew bad posture could cause such things :O

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Unfortunately there's no 1 answer to fibro sufferers it varies due to all the symptoms that fm causes in different people. I can't take analgesia it causes side effects which to me are worse than chronic pain . The flare ups also vary in time they last with different people the longest mine lasted was 6 months but in those months my gp did rule out other issues by doing tests ecg , chest xray and bloods . I found the only thing that really helps me is aqua aerobics I started about 4 years ago built up gradually to 3 times a week , the hardest part is dressing after but I do get help if I need it the ladies are helpful and I go with my daughter in law for company . The pool is a walk in 1 not a ladder which is also easier . My vit d levels were low I was advised to take them I just went to pharmacy and asked which ones to get they are not that expensive in UK our levels are low due to our weather. I have tried all the meds my gp can prescribe none of them actually helped just made me worse I have a weighted blanket but it's not for me . A tens machine for localised pain i have used frequently but again takes practice to get in right place I use it for slipped discs in lumber area . I did go to tai chi for a while and that was helpful for balance and breathing techniques but class cancelled due to covid and never restarted . It helps to get out and meet people , good for mental health and gentle walking in a park etc . I drive to my local park to walk my dog lots of benches to rest on and other pet lovers . It's hard to do anything when your in chronic pain but little bits of movement building up gently has improved my pain levels I can cope more I have less flare ups my balance is still bad but I can cope more . Good luck I hope you find something that helps on your fm journey. Xxx

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