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ESA results letter so confusing HELP!

I had my ESA in December and today I received my letter to tell me I had been placed in the Work Related Activity Group and I must now attend an interview as I have the potential for work related activities and they will help get me back to work?

This is despite telling them a few weeks ago that I had fallen and broken my ankle and I am now housebound. I live in a flat with no lift and unable to get down the stairs. My hospital visits are made by being carried down by ambulance crew. Social Services are helping me at home as I live alone. How do I get to an Interview?

I also told them my condition had got a lot worse since December and I have five hospital appointments this month alone, I am undergoing tests and MRI and PET scans, plus the meds I'm on stop me from functioning and I often don't get up until after 9am, I have nights where I get no sleep at all. I am unable to sit for more than 10 minutes and even before I broke my ankle I was prone to falling and very unstable, having to use a walking frame...I'm 60 next year. How would an employer work around this?

They have back dated my claim from 2 months after my original claim last year and now owe me over a £1000 but are not letting me have it as they have dug up an old over-payment that goes back over 20 years and they say I need to pay that back, it appears it's over that amount so I won't receive a penny. Can they do this?

Is there anywhere I can get help, I can't go out so can't see a solicitor or CAB. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance Pep x

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I recommend CAB as I find it unfair something 20 yes ago should be paid because 1. It's over 6 yrs old and I thought only council tax could be reclaimed if owed .

Do you know what it was from the past?

Do you kp proof as I try to best I can .

You may have been awarded or not many yrs ago but they should not of made the mistake back then they should of dealt with it as it seems the country when hit recession times they were digging up old claims and trying to reclaim money for something they granted back in the day .

Tough their mistake so I would seek advice if you have access to email and printer get your letter scanned and forward it .

You have also got the rite to ask exactly what it is you owed and a history of it .

I say it because I been in that position .

All the best xxx Caroline


The first thing you must do is call them regarding any appointments, even if they send a taxi for you, just like the ambulance crew you need to tell them straight that it would be impossible at this moment in time to get there,

That's really sad about the overpayment and your arrears. I have heard about this happening to someone else too. There appears to no longer be this 6 year rule, I always understood with the inland revenue being the same, that they could only go back 6 years, but this other case I read about, it was on another site, they were told they can go back further if they choose to do so :(

I know you said you had already told them about getting worse... You are just going to have to keep telling them the same again and again and if they think necessary send anther doctor round to see you.

I now it's not what you want to hear and I'm sorry I dont really have the answer, but all I can suggest is to keep on at them.

i have just been through similar with Capita, they are like ATOS and will be taking on some of the reviews DLA in certain areas, it took me over a year and I felt like I was banging my head up against a brick wall. I'm dreading my DLA reassessment as I may have to encounter the same people again :(


You should deny you owe them anything, if they have any proof of this alleged debt, at the very least they must be able to produce a copy of the original agreement you signed.

You need to get a doctors letter to excuse you from attending WFI, and appeal to be placed in SG.


Thank you for all your kind support and advice...I will be starting to take action on Monday, so long as I feel up to it...that's the problem this has again caused a flare up and I've had little sleep since I got the letter. I'll let you all know how I get on. And thanks again x


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