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Just to update you. I have been back to the doctors today and all the Bloods have come back fine (wrong result for me) this now means i am being referred to the memory clinic.

Hope i dont have to wait too long to find out what this is as dementia now hasnt been ruled out as the bloods were ok so they did not tell us what was wrong.



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  • Hope you get some answers soon.



  • Surely the blood tests coming back fine is good news , I thought the blood tests were for early onset dementia . The good news is your GP isn't giving up and is referring you to a memory clinic ... I really would try not to worry my fibro fog is pretty bad most days .. Typing is fine but talking ... Just before I came on I was watching TV I wanted to say pineapple ... I came out with banana , no that yellow fruit the prickly one ... My oh said pear ... No I said the tropical one we look for every week .. We finally got to pineapple...

    Good luck

    VG x

  • thanks for that the numerous blood tests are to rule out certain other possibilities and they were clear and i said to doctor thats good then i dont have to worry about dementia ad he said no that was to rule out other things. will keep you updated

    Belinda x

  • I hope things turn out OK for you Bbstport. You certainly don't sound as though you have dementia. Here's hoping it's just good ol' fibro-fog! :)

    Moffy x

  • thanks Moffy x

  • Fingers crossed and ttry not to worry it will only make you worse, plus, it may be while til you get aptxx

  • thanks for that the memory clinic may find it is meds, fibro or something else - thats me being positive.

    Belinda xx

  • Sorry your worrying belinda, no matter what you will always have ur oh and all of us foggy brains to keep you smiling. .it is just so reasuring to hear others stories and helps you feel supported and to know the men in white coats wont be round anytime soon. Lol. I am sure you will find its fybro fog. I remember going to work one day and didnt know the name of the street where I worked and what I was doing there, then another time I couldn't remember how to cut hair or the starting point for perms ( was a hairdresser) and the junior I was teaching looking at me as if I had lost the plot. I had to stop driving for a while when I came to a roundabout and didn't know how to go round it..I really thought I had early onset dementia as my gran had this dreadful illness...turns out I had fybro I only understood this when I was diagnosed by reumy many years later but it was such a frightening experience and I was convinced that there was something muuch more sinister wrong with my head..so try not to worry hunni the more I tried to remember things the worse I became it must have been the stress of it all.btw.that was about 14 years ago.and im still having difficulty it feels like my brain takes a while to catch up and process the thoughts and questions. But im getting there now I just laugh and say im struggling today as I have fybro fog .and try not to stress about it. I pray you will be fine too.gbu hunni.xx

  • thank you for your kind words. I live alone and do not have a other half so sometimes i dont know which way to turn. i do have a fantastic neighbour, friend, brother and my lovely dad who is 86 in june. i just hope it does not take too long to get the appointment. I got one today as i had been referred to the foot and ankle specialist and also a couple of other appointment for other things. i am still waiting for my appointment for cataract removal in my right eye, i had my left one done in march under general anaestetic.


    Belinda xx

  • Have you tried cutting out gluten for a couple of weeks to see if that improves it ?

    It worked for me.

    My memory/concentration was getting awful and I was really worried about it. Saw the neurologist and had an MRI scan which showed nothing unusual. He then asked for me to have memory tests done (12 months later and I am still waiting for them, a psychologist was supposed to come a few weeks ago but he was ill so had to cancel )

    Last November I decided to try cutting out gluten as my tummy/bowels had become a problem. Within a week I felt more with it and within 2 weeks there was a huge improvement.

    I am not saying it will work for everyone but why not give it a try for a couple of weeks and see if it works for you.

    I am so pleased i can actually go upstairs for something and actually remember what it is when I get to the top.

  • this made me laugh as it sounds like me and it is a pain getting up the stairs

    take care

  • I know I used to get so mad with the effort it took and couldnt remember why I was there. Or coming out of the supermarket and then remembering things I should have got. I even drove past my road a couple of times as my mind was thinking of something else. My favourite phrase was the thingy is in the whatsit and my kids names got muddled up with each other and the dogs.

    I know what its like.

  • yep i understand that

  • Hi

    Just so you know when I attended the memory clinic. I was not even diagnosed but rather i was fobbed off then a year later same problems but worse now. Was seen by the same consultant he was amore interested in the benefits i was claiming and then said there is no help.

    The reason I am telling you guys this is because some of these people who are meant to help have their own agenda's (it's to do with getting paid by reporting people to the dwp and getting more money in their pocket)

    my advice to you would be if you are asked about benefits you say no and that you have your own savings to live off.

    Also take someone with you to make notes

    Do your reaserch about what help you want or need and don't be affraid to ask.

    Good luck.

  • thank you for that badvice


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