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DLA Tribunal now!!

My DLA tribunal is at 2.30 pm today ,I am not attending because it didn't sound very accessible,I rang to check and the Lady said I'd have to park and walk to the room.No indication of how far away said room was!

I wrote a letter explaining why I wouldn't be going and enclosed more additional evidence including a copy of my care I've done all I can and will just have to wait and see now.

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Hi Amanda, Sorry to read that you won't be attending your DLA interview, why don't you ask for a doctor to come to your home? that's what happend to me and then they can see what your like in your own home! Good luck Aisha x


Hi yes I've already had a medical for DLA and most of my last lot of additional evidence was going through the Drs report and correcting it!


hi there my hubby went for his today with my son he has spondylitis,arthritis in both legs and his hand is terrible really bony he can hardly walk most of the time he was only allowed low rate mobility no care what so ever .Please what is this goverment doing he has already had is 7.5 ton licence took of him by the doctor because he blacked out on the a19 .We dont claim nothing for my daughter who has fibromyalgia am so fed up of it all the appeals tribunals he went back to work and lasted 12 month yyyyyyyyy are they doing this welfare rights are so busy they havent got time. The next one is esa the new employment support allowance not going to even bother with that ,good luck to one and all.


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