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Had To Laugh


I have been having a lot of palpitations recently and mentioned it to my GP who immediately wanted me to have a battery of blood tests done and an ECG as she thinks I have something called ectopic beats but wanted to make sure it was nothing more sinister.

I have anaemia and B12 deficiency and my levels haven't been checked for a while so I was happy to have the bloods taken. I had to fast for 14 hours and after the blood tests I had my ECG as I made sure I had 2 concurrent appointments.

After having the ECG the HCA told me my results were abnormal but not to worry, she then told me I must try and speak to the duty GP today to talk about my results. I was slightly panicking by this point and rushed home to await the phone call thinking there was something seriously amiss.

About 1 hour later the GP called and asked me some questions and then said the ECG look fine, she thought one of the leads was not connected properly as it was giving the readout that I was in the process of having a heart attack lol. Obviously this was not the case but I was relieved and had to laugh. So still no wiser as to what is causing the palpitations but at least I am not having a coronary.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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you too.

I don't have an answer on the palpitations other than maybe keep a diary of when and how long, anything you ate or did prior to them.

rest and don't push yourself to hard, try to breathe slowly, maybe check your pulse but 999 if you need to. - they'd rather come out to 99 wrong calls than miss the 1.



I hope they'll repeat the ECG - next time with the leads all attached!

Moffy x


Hi there I have palpitations all the time for over forty years and sometimes they are so bad they make me cough. .Never had it checked out I reckon I'm still here ,it can be related to thyroid .Glad you are ok though and also I'm recommending anyone ignores them just go see doctor,.


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