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any gone from amitriptyline to nortriptyline?


has anyone gone from using amitriptyline to using nortriptyline? i have just gone from ami to nortriptyline, starting yesterday. could not believe my reaction to it, i was yawning and getting drowsy within about ten minutes of taking it and its only 10mg. i felt good when i got up this morning, nearly no aches and pains.

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Sounds good to me. I take amitriptyline but would like to get of them as I have taken them for years. Did your doctor change them? or did you ask to come of them. Would be great to hear if any others have changed too. Glad you are feeling better with them.

yes my doctor changed them because they were knocking me out so much the next day and that was with taking them at 8pm too.

i take 20 mg nortriptyline , they can help with sleep , , ive been on them for 4 months may need to up them soon , as im waking up again alot , they havent helped with the pain tho , im glad there helping you , amitriptyline knocked me for six aswell .

i went back to drs for a review on the nortriptyline as it had stopped working and i was unsure if i should up the dose from 10 mg.

before i went i tried taking it at 8pm, 9pm, and 6pm on seperate days and none on these worked.

i explained all this to the doctor and he gave me another prescription so i could play around with it till i got it at the right dose.

i tried 20 mg , it worked for a couple of days but didnt work last night.

he said to try 20mg at 9pm and that is what i have been doing. He said to leave it like that for a couple of weeks and then take it up to 30mg.

I also asked him if it should help with the pain, in the same way as amitriptyline did and he said it will once you are on the right dose for you.

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