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Pillow ....again


I am on benefits the same as most people on here. There must be a way for others to get the Mangars sit-u-up through doctors or specialists I have recently been diagnosed with Ataxia and the nuerologist sent an occupational therapist to my house to see what I needed. The pillow was given mainly coz there is a real risk of falling as I get up. But for my fibro it is a

amazing it slowly sits me up and I just swing my legs off the bed when I feel steady enough...As they say no harm in asking...good luck

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I got out of bed immediately fell over and broke two ribs .... I need ... ok ok I want one.... But my problem I am not allowed to see the OT at my hospital because the pain clinic is divided into two parts and I am being treated by the other part with my trigger point injections ... I queried this and was told if I want to see the OT I would have to give up my trigger point injections and then I would get an appointment with the OT ... But without my trigger points injections I can't function without them so any suggestions how to get one of these wonder pillows another way... Thinks of falling into GPS arms and begging tearfully ... But any other suggestions would be welcome... Please don't say sell your body... As I can't afford to give back refunds :)

Yours hopefully

VG x

lynnecw in reply to Hidden

I always say I would need a big bag of pennies to give change as I would probably only get 99p a go if I sold my body.

siver52 in reply to Hidden

I dont know if you have your own home or not, but my is housing ass and they have there own OT dept which I have already seen about 4 yrs ago and they gave me a wet room, also an essential unless I like the smell of B.O. yuk!!!!. This pillow is a god send for my fibro and Ataxia and I have only had it 2 days !!!

hamble99b in reply to siver52

I am so jealous silver! enjoy :)

contact social services and ask to speak to someone in the enablement team.They will assess you and they go through OT's to get equipment they think you need.I reckon if they consult with the OT you would probably get what you want provided you give a good argument.which I'm sure you would lol!

I was initially assessed by an OT and ended up with the most basic things like a trolley and bath board.I heard yesterday that I might have been ordered a flashy bath chair so I can soak ahhhh bliss.I hope they are right.That was sorted by the enablement team.Go get em girl!!! report back asap x

Your hospital is hardly practising holistic medicine, VG! Methinks a roundly worded letter to the patient liaison bods might get the desired result!

It seems daft to say well, if you have treatment for disabling pain, you can have no disability aids, but if you want disability aids you can't have relief for your disabling pain. Obviously a management conflict going on!

YOU NEED THIS PILLOW!!!!! Start a campaign for relief of daftness in hospitals!

Moffy x

hamble99b in reply to ladymoth

I do too, but need to find who to ask.

Defiitely get onto Social Services, VG, they have access to OTs as well.

Cheers, Midori

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