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ive only ever seen a rheumatologist once 2 years ago, is this normal?


in his letter to gp he said he wouldnt need to see me regulary? but i see on here lots of people see them, im confused at this, and why i dont?


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I have fibro and arthritis yet since my rheumy realised there was nothing medicine wise he could help me with that my GP couldn't he discharged me back to his care all he did was confirm my diagnosis and help me with social services re aids for house and orthotics for my arthritis in my ankles

Same happened to me he gave my diagnosis then discharged me back to gp care x

I was seeing a rheumy for 3yrs and being treated for ra then when I went for my dla tribunial and he did a report he put a question mark next to ra since then which has been another nearly 3yrs ive not seen him and gp has said I have fibro and arthritis I asked why rheumy no longer see,s me and have I been discharged from his care, I was told not discharged and that he would want to see me from time to time still cant work it out .


mine hasn't signed me off but I have not seen him for some time as he said my GP can do the day to day care for my HMS and arthritis.



it seems some people see a rheumy and others like us dont, i cant understand it?


Generally, once we're diagnosed we have to look after ourselves as there's not a lot the medical professionals can do (mainly because they don't know a lot about fibro ) I was diagnosed in 2003 and have since then found out things for myself by reading up on fibro, joining a support group and trying different things. I now feel as if I can manage the condition reasonably well and probably know more than the rheumy and GP will ever know.


I think most people see a rheumy for a diagnosis and also if they have rheumatism That responds to treatment or is getting noticeably worse.. Mine has never responded to treatment and is just getting worse slowly, so my rhuemy discharged me to free up space to see others I am guessing ... My GP is keeping an eye on it when it gets a lot worse I hope he will refer me back...

VG x

I saw my rheumy about three years ago, 2 years before that . When I asked my gp to refer me again he said there's not much point your on all the correct medication. The new ESA forms asks when you see your consultant not gp, and want info off them as to how bad you are, how can they do this if they only see you every few years. My best friend sees the rheumy every 2wks she has arthritis really bad, I can't understand the systems.

Some Rhuma Dr's only want to see the patient the once and then they either hand the care back to the GP or they have their own dedicated Rhuma Nurse who monitors your condition and is in constant contact with the consultant if need be.

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Well I guess if you want a review then ask your GP, otherwise going to the hospital and waiting around isn't that good for anyone with chronic diseases.


I've never been offered rheumi. I was diagnosed with fibro by a neurologist and referred back to gp. There seems to be no constant pathway.....butt they can't do anything and app.s are stressful, so I'm happy no to go.

Having a consultant doesn't change anything?

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