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just got back from gp upped medication to its limits, and trying to arrange a pain clinic for me told the appointments are very hard to get

my amitriptyline been upped to 150mg

pregabalin upped to 600mg

he said hes gona try to get me an appointment for pain clinic but went on to say its difficult to get them for fibro? is this correct, i live in gateshead dont know if that has anything to go by?


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I don't know about Gateshead, but I live in Southampton, and I have never managed to get an appointment for a pain clinic. I think they're few and far between.

I do hope you don't have to wait too long!

Moffy x



I am in the South East and although there was a longs wait, our Pain Clinic ran a Fibromyalgia Management course which was very good as they all believed that FMS was real. The downside is we all felt cut adrift at the end. It was a short of "here are all the ways of coping , thanks, bye bye."




I live up north and have had no problem accessing my local pain clinic I have been seen within weeks and am on a regular list for pain injections ... I recently went to the other part of my pain clinic but was told they couldn't offer anything better than my injections ... But again that appointment was arranged within weeks... I am guessing its the old postcode lottery again ... Or the fact that I am fortunate to be in my 40s where a greater percent of the population locally is elderly so things like pain managment orthotics rheumys podiatry are plentiful...

VG x


yeah think it is the old postcode lottery thing? im in my 40's as well, its unfair again, hopefully they will see me fingers crossed


belle xxxx


I live in the West Midlands My doctor said there was hardly any appointments he managed to get me one for May he applied in March. Lots of hugs x


I live in Aberdeen, hospital called today asking if I want to be,seen at alternative hospital in Scotland as they are not able to meet 12 week maximum waiting time set by government...say waiting time could be up to 5 months!! I'll just have shut and put up!


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