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had a fall again

oh well i really surpassed myself this up last sunday and was going to potter around cleaning went to open back door fell out as my legs gave way and landed outside and now im laid up with 2 damaged ankles and a broken leg and its set my fibfomyalgia off with a vengance i feel so angry at myself and now stupid too as the doctor said itll be 8 weeks to heal any ideas what i can do to pass the time i hope everyone on here is having a good day xx

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Hi Sandra - what an upset! It happens to the best of us, but don't feel stupid, 'cos you're not! Maybe the enforced rest will help your fibro, at least.

Suggestions for what to do:

Talk to us - we're always glad to hear from you :)

Write a book.

Take up knitting and sewing.

Learn a foreign language online

Start a blog - keep it funny and bright - you might even make money! Lots of info on 'how to' on the net.

Of course there's always TV and radio, or library books for when you're tired of the other stuff!

Goodness me -- you'll wonder how you ever had time to walk around!

Best wishes for a rapid recovery.

Moffy x


Oops doopsy, sorry to hear ur fall was so bad u broke ur bones, we all fall, I know I do, but luckily since falling a breaking my elbow, which caused my fibro, only ever sprained, pulled ligaments and bruised myself. Use this time to take up new interests, within the boundaries you have. Let's hope the sun keeps shining and you can sit outside, good luck :)


Back doors should be banned.... I safely negotiated mine and promptly fell into the wheelie bin and ended up on the floor with then bin and a broken rib...

I spent my time on here and reading watching far too much Jeremy Kyle and demanding waiting on hand and foot....

Hope you have a good recovery. And don't try anything thinking oh I can do that and then make yourself worse

VG xx


thank you all at the moment cant do nothing and my hubby is being fantastic my grand-daughter said i flew out the door like supergran lol when i got home from hospital there was a zimmer frame a commode (wont use ) and a chair for by the sink going to try to get up today let you know how i get on haha


Oh god I know exactly how you feel. This is the text I sent to my friends on Monday morning "Feckin hell sake i thought I would try a bit of a normal life and take Riley (our adopted dalmatian)for a nice walk, what do i go and do, fall, not because of riley or something to fall over nope so scuffed both hands, knocked my ribs on a kerb and taken skin off my knee!!!!! The irony of it is i had only made it to the street next to mine. Riley just looked at me as if to say "ya dumbass" Tops off a totally crap weekend nicely!!"


just letting you know im up and the zimmer frame is a god send . its painfull but at least im sitting downstairs and dont feel so isolated im at the fracture clinic monday if the bone has not moved i wont need operation fingers xd i hope you are all having a good day big hugs to everyone.


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